Thursday, February 12

OK! Ok. I hate this blog.

So I was talking with my dearest Teddy today (well, we were g-chatting, really. I love to gchat. I really really do. If you ever want to chat it up with me - do it! I'm at work a ton and I love chatting sooooooo lemme know!) And we decided that I need to blog more! I feel like I have a ton to say and I have a lot of funny experiences - so why not share? I just get so nervous sometimes about this whole internet crap. Don't google me! Don't tell anyone I have a blog! Blogs are dumb! No I don't sit on a computer all day! Sheesh. Ok really though. Read my blog. Please. Pretty please.

Here's what I'm thinking: I will start being a little bit more personal! Who really is reading this anyway, huh? Just people that love me, right right? You love me. You do.

So here is a bullet list (I love lists) of the items and subjects that I will try and be more specific on:

  • I love internet shopping. It's the best shopping you can do without spending money! They key is as soon as you're ready to check out, you hit the 'X' button and forget it all happened. And I feel like I have some sort of grasp on what's hot and what's not, so I'll keep ya'll up to date.

  • I date a lot. This statement is in no way a statement of joy. Like I've said before. I date in quantity, not quality. But the good thing about it all, is that I have a ton of funny stories and one liners. So I will try and entertain you with that! Fun!

  • I heart music with all my heart. And I have great music taste. I do. Sorry. So I'll suggest new songs, artists, and playlists that I'm rocking. (While we're on the subject - I want to add a music player to my blog with a mix that I made specifically for it and it is awesome. I just don't know how to do it. Will someone help me with my handiblog needs? Thanks.) And I am not THAT snobby about music. I love suggestions... so suggest away, please!

Ok. Ready? Good. I am.

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