Friday, October 29

Loved Me Some Scary Movies

I'm a sensitive girl... I can't handle REALLY scary movies. I seriously get so freaked out, it takes me weeks to recover. BUT, I did love the Halloween movies they used to make when we were kiddies.

Here's my list (in no particular order) of scary movies and movie moments from my childhood. If I missed any that you think should be on this list, please tell me!
  • Return to Oz - Are you kidding me? This movie was terrifying! The scene with the heads? Incredibly horrific for little kids.
  • Arachnophobia - Of course this is one of the creepiest shows for me. Spiders are the worst! This scene gets me because there are always spiders in my bathroom! Hate it.
  • Beetlejuice - Two scenes really got to me on this one: When Adam and Barbara do that face thing (I apologize - it's in Spanish, but hey, you get the picture.) and the end where Beetlejuice becomes that striped snakey thing.
  • Earnest Scared Stupid - Remember the scene where the monster is lying in bed with the little girl and she doesn't know until she turns around? When I was little, this was SO disturbing to me! For years I would always check my bed before I got in. I couldn't find that particular scene, but here's a good one.
  • Watcher in the Woods -This movie really freaked me out when I was little. Thanks, Disney. Thanks a lot. This scene is freaky... and this alternate ending isn't so freaky.
  • Neverending Story - The 'nothingness' always a concept that kind of scared me when I was little. Also, the wolf that jumps out of the picture thing... not cool! I found this music video and it's pretty ridiculously awesome.
  • Frankenweenie - same kid actor as Neverending Story! This one wasn't so scary as it was awesome.
  • IT - I have no idea why my mother would let me watch this as a child. It still scares me so bad! I can't step on a shower drain or walk by a gutter grate without thinking that Pennywise is in there and he's gonna grab me. Ew. Even still, I get the chills just thinking about it.
Happy Halloween!

Friends on Friday

I feel ya, Pheebs.

Thursday, October 28

Pumpkin Head

Check out these amazing pumpkins by Ray Villafane. Kind of cool to see a professional sculptor have a go at a jack-o-lantern. I want him to do one of my head. That would be magical.

Old School Mash-Up

Pretty awesome:

And while I'm thinking about it, did you ever see the original music video of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall'? It's truly disturbing and I love it.

Wednesday, October 27

Look at this pretty girl!

Am I right or am I right? She's a babe.

Oh, but wait... what if we flip the picture right side up....







What a creeper!

Snickers are gross

and so is this "lady". I saw this for the first time on TV the other day and I was thoroughly frightened.

Tuesday, October 26

Harry POOtter

Yes, I'm blogging about Harry Potter. Get over it!!

Aren't these little comics amazing? Good work to Lucy.

Get Candy Get Candy

I sure miss the days of trick-or-treating. Filling my old dingy pillowcase with as much candy as possible... Nothing better! This awesome chart is pretty accurate...

Jerry says it best:

Monday, October 25

Movie to watch this week:

Zombieland. It's awesome! Michael Cera is not in it, though.

Halloween Week

In honor of this spooky week, I'm going to try and post something Halloween-y or creeperish everyday! Darling, I know.

I really love this older SNL Digital Short. Question - is it ironical that Ellen Page is in this video which centers around dreams and waking up from dreams and wondering what real life is and then a few years later she stars in a movie about dreams and waking up from dreams and wondering what real life is??? Just an observation! What do you think? Either way, enjoy this gem of a vid.

p.s. Did you see this or this? Both good. All related.

Friday, October 22

Neature is Neat

Aren't these two boys the most precious things you have ever seen?? I just want to have that boy, Lenny Pepperbottom, for my very own. He can teach me the ways of the land n'stuff.

Friends on Friday

Uh oh... I have more in common with Joey than I ever knew. I've lived this moment.

Thursday, October 21

What was that, Kanye?

You say you want to be my boyfriend? Mmmmmmmmmkay! I'm fine with that.

Did you see him on SNL last week? It was magical. One of the best SNL live performances I've ever seen. I'm stoked for his album to dddddddddddrop.

Personal Pizza

I also love when I go to Plates and Palates and get take-out and they throw in extra forks and napkins... like I'm going to share my ginormous serving of pasta! Sad times.


Am I horrible for thinking this is kind of hilarious?

Wednesday, October 20

Exotic Mommy

My friend, Leigh, sent me this and it is amazing! Pretty sure that's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Abed, sweet Abed

Do you watch Community starring the oh so amazing Joel McHale? Did you watch a couple weeks ago when Abed wasn't really in it? Well, if you weren't watching closely, you probably missed it. Watch this vid and pay attention to what Abed is doing in the background. Pretty awesome.

Tuesday, October 19

What can I say?

It's a Pheebs kinda day.

This is funny. Oh, the days of yesteryear when Lisa Kudrow and Andy Dick were on the A-list.

StarWars parody with lisa kudrow

DaveTHeMoVieDuDe | Myspace Video

I know it's not Friday...

...but this is hilarious.

Friday, October 15

My man Conan

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Conan you are a stone cold fox. Marry me. (I'm very excited for his new show... if you couldn't tell.)

I'll catch you, Zac

Why do I love him?? Because he's hot even in the lamest of Disney movies. This vid is pretty stinkin' funny.

Friends on Friday

Brad, even when you make a crusty face, you're dead sexy. Just in case you didn't know, thought I'd tell you.

Thursday, October 14

Why so serious, Your Highness?

Go and tell that!

Remember this video?

Now look at our sweet little Antoine! He's so famous and so well fed these days.

Wednesday, October 13

Party for Two

Next weekend, my parents are going out of town. This was the convo:

Mom, "We're leaving for the weekend... NO PARTIES!"

This is funny because Aaron and I don't have parties. Ever. And when we do, we both are of the mindset that it has to be perfect and that's too much pressure and so we just don't. And funny that our mother, who knows that we are not generally the party throwing kind, felt she had to tell us this. I also find it funny that our mom would assume we were on a TV sitcom and that's the first thing kids do when mom and dad go out of town.

Later, Aaron and I were hanging out and I asked him if he was actually going to have a party while they were gone. He responded:

Aaron, "You know we are gonna have a party... A party for two."

Me, incredulous, "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

He then begins to sing the Shania Twain song all animatedly. He stops and seriously states,

"Shania always knows what to say."

I died laughing... classic, Aaron, truly classic.

Tuesday, October 12


I really wanna meet this dad in real life. He stands outside his house every morning in a different costume and waves to his 15 year old son as he passes by on the bus ride to high school. What a cool guy!

Thursday, October 7

Boys will be Girls

This is eerily close to reality and kinda embarrassing, am I right, Ladies?

Wednesday, October 6

A History of Rap

Jimmy, JT, and the Roots... Great combo! Love this so much!

Tuesday, October 5

Ohhhh snap

Kid History

Ummmm can I just say that this is the BEST video ever!!! I love little kids so much. This is my new favorite.

Monday, October 4

FB Movie

Loved it. Go see it.

Summer Pool Partay Memories

This here vid reminds me of my dear friend, MikeyB. Good summer times, eh, Mikey?

Friday, October 1

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