Friday, November 26

Happy Shopping

It's Black Friday! Honestly, I've only ever been shopping on this day once. It was miserable and crowded. I don't see the appeal. But for those of you who love it - Enjoy!

Blizzard 2010 Afterparty

I'm a creeper and I pulled this off of someone's facebook page... But it was so funny that I had to!

Friends on Friday

Hand twin!

Thursday, November 25

Seating Chart

Love this:

Happy Thanksgiving in space

Also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet dad who sometimes looks at this blog. Thanks for all that you do! You are such a great man and I just love you like crazy. I dedicate this video to you!

Tuesday, November 23

Harry is Daniel

Pretty sure this was the comedy missing from the last installment of Harry Potter. I left the theater the other day feeling depressed and sad from the doom and gloom of HP7a... but now I feel better knowing that it all turns out ok because the real Harry Potter is just chillin' out right now.

Monday, November 22

The Story of Jonah

This little girl is the cutest thing on the planet! I cannot believe how expressive and eloquent she is! Love this.


I'mma diggin' the new Girl Talk album, All Day. It makes me miss the summer when we used to go to the drunken Twilight Series concerts at Homeless Man Park - oh, I mean Pioneer Park.

Go listen to it here and download it here. Let me know when we can have a Girl Talk dance party!

Friday, November 19

B Palin Situation

Seriously? Seriously? This isn't a joke? I don't know what is more awkward, B Palin's weird cabaret dress or the way she nervously rocks back and forth during the whole video! And surprise to us all - The situation can successfully read lines! I'm not gonna lie - the closest I got to watching Jersey Shore was this friggin' clip. So I really have no base to have an opinion on it. And I'm ok with that.


I heart the Jazz! Whoever wants to give me their tickets or take me on a romantic date to a Jazz game is more than welcome to. P.S. I love that they are now strictly using the new old school logo and branding. I approve of this.

This vid is weird but funny.

Friends on Friday

Shanna, you love this one!

Thursday, November 18

I cry for the future

...if children like this will be the big names. I think I'd rather just go hide under a giant rock than wear anything she made thank you very much. First off, where is her mother? Second, why is she talking like that? And lastly, can I smack her? Would that be child abuse?

Wednesday, November 17

Can I get this on iTunes?

"Neil Young" covers Willow Smith's Whip My Hair with Bruce Springsteen. And I've gotta say, Neil is looking so young and full of vitality these days!

Holdin' Out

This vid was meant for me, I just know it!

Tuesday, November 16

Beiber Roots

Did you ever hear of a young, white, cute, Christian, male making it in America?

Monday, November 15

Josh, you are a delight

Yay for Joshy's new album that released today - Illuminations. I'm eager to own it. As for this video... All I have to say is: WTFreak is going on? Is this funny or just dumb? I think my love for him clouds my judgment a little bit.


Josh talks about SLC, baby! Yeah, I was there. Yeah, I own the concert on DVD. Yeah, we can plan a night to watch it and pick out my screams amidst the crowd of adoring old ladies.

Josh in one of my most fav music vids with Ben Folds and Tim and Eric = I fell on the floor the first time I saw it. In love with this one. The awkwardness of it thrills me.

Josh and Michael Buble... I kind of want to smack MB and his kermit voice.

Josh in line for the bizzathroom. So dar.

And finally, Josh mixin' it up with my first love, Sting. Not gonna lie, this one makes my tiny heart race a little bit. p.s. Keith Lockhart from our very own Utah Symphony conducts! How cool is that?

I think I've just proven that I'm a music nerd on a whole different level. Whoops!

Friday, November 12

What is happening??

I dedicate this post to my peeps at work - every time we have a situation or conversation in real life that weird, bizarre, awkward, or unbelievable, we say "What is happening??" in sort of a sing songy way. Sounds nerdy... and it is. But you'd be surprised how many times a day we are forced to question the validity of our workplace reality!

Today's videos definitely made me say "What is happening??".

Pooteen? Yum.

I don't even know...

Ohhhhh my lanta. This is funny.

Ok this one is funny and then weird and then just plain disturbing.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, November 11

Really, Google? Really?

What is going on here?? Google better check itself before it wrecks itself.

Pie?? What? Don't.

Oh, Tina, you're so eloquent and I love you. And I love Mean Girls.

Also, check out Tina hopped up on gay magic. She kills me!

Tuesday, November 9

Halloween is over...

and I forgot to post this during the Halloween week of goodness. I'm sorry. Don't hate me. Enjoy. It's really quite hilar.

p.s. I really love haunted houses and I am really disappointed I didn't get to go to one this year. Those of you who went without me - you're dead meat.

Monday, November 8


Joel McHale schools Kathy Lee and Hoda at their own game: Drinking on national television. Love him!

Friday, November 5

Mannequin Arm Billiards

Arm safety is important. It really is. Please watch this amazing Jimmy Fallon / Zach Galifianakis vid... It's so so so funny! I loved it.

p.s. Doesn't Zach look awesome with a buzzed head?

Friends on Friday

Thursday, November 4

Me happy

"On my bunk in the Tour Bus, eating Doritos and watching Team America," Tweeted O'Brien. "Me happy."

Coachella or bust

I will go to Coachella next year. Every year I say this, but this year, I really mean it.

Isn't this tilt-shift vid awesome? Yep.

Wednesday, November 3

Pretty Cool

Ok, so are you watching the new season of SNL? They have some new cast members and just like every year they try and convince me to love a new generation of people and just like every year - I fight it. I fight hard. For example, one of the new members is a girl named Vanessa Bayer. I know, right? Who the heck is that? I saw her face and knew that she was bad news. And where in the world is my girl Jenny Slate? She can't be fired and gone for forever can she? (Actually, if she has spare time now and wants to continue to make vids like these, I'm ok with it.) Apparently, I'm not good with change. Even dumb TV change that doesn't affect me in the slightest. Oh weeeeeeeeeell.

Anywho, my heart was set at ease after I saw her first starring role in this here skit. And let me tell you... She is amazing. Slightly annoying to the point that I would still smack her if I saw her, but there is some serious goodness here (making fun of Miley Cyrus automatically makes you awesome in my book):

Oh, and guess what I found? This is her in real life (IRL) on an On Demand dating thing. How precious is this?? I really am warming up to her.

Tuesday, November 2

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