Wednesday, May 26

LV Envy

I went to Vegas with some friends and it was amazing. Vegas is not my favorite place - it's dirty and sleazy and hot and crowded and you can't and shouldn't look down or up or over you should keep your eyes focused on the head of the person in front of you and you shouldn't touch anything and you shouldn't breathe in too deep and you shouldn't gamble. These are just my own personal rules, no need to follow them unless you want to be a dirt bag... just sayin'.

But I do like hanging by the pool and shopping and laughing and eating good food and being with good people... so by those standards, the trip was a success!

Enjoy this little video that dearest Eric Lund put together for me. (Don't mind the title of the video - we were being ironical :) )

Friday, May 7

Eeeeeh Tyra

She's nuts!! Don't get me wrong... I love ANTM, but Tyra is seriously the most crazy person on TV right now. How is her talk show still going? The only reason I can come up with is it's like watching a car crash... Disturbing, yet you simply cannot look away.

Holy Moly. She is my hero. Please watch:

Tuesday, May 4

Monday, May 3

J.Crew... You sneaky thing you!

You've truly stolen my heart with the newly released FALL COLLECTION.

Puffy frilly lace and tulle. Military. Fuchsia lipstick. Shiny sparkly shirts. Fur. Plaid. Moccasins! Cloaks!! It's not even warm yet and I can't wait for it to be cold again! Scottish Glam with a bit of Romantic Preppy. I need it in my life. LOVE!

Some of my favorite looks...

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