Monday, April 20


I'm crazy busy with studying for em'. And I'm trying to memorize some Spanish and Italian arias... Fun times!

Here's a video clip that I love to tide you over until I can get to posting again.


Friday, April 10


I am a stickler for the correct usage of the term 'irony'. So many people seem to be using it wrong these days. I feel like such a snob when someone calls something ironic and I HAVE to tell them "No, I'm sorry. That's not ironic." So snobby.

Case in point (which is totally obvious but still a good example): the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette. 95% of the stinking song is full of examples or situations that are not ironic!

It's like rain on your wedding day (Who said your wedding day HAS to have good weather? This person could have planned it during the rainy season. Who are they to expect clear skies? Please just plan a summer wedding if you want good weather. Idiots!)

It's a free ride when you've already paid (Just sounds like bad timing to me.)

It's the good advice that you just didn't take (That's not ironic. It's choosing to do what you want. Really, Alanis?)

It's a traffic jam when you're already late (Ok really? That's a no. Leave early.)

It's a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break (Shouldn't you already know where the designated places to smoke are at your own place of work/hangout?)

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife (Is anyone else being fooled by these? What life situation ever would bring me to a place where I had 10,000 spoons available to me?)

It's meeting the man of my dreams And then meeting his beautiful wife (Now this one is funny. Just because you see a guy you want and has the qualities you're diggin', he should be single? Uh, no.)

Something happened to me last week, that I thought could be irony, but then later decided that it was just coincidental:

I dropped my hairdryer into my bathroom sink which was full of water... I know! Stupid and dangerous, and why in the heck was the sink full of water, you ask? I don't remember. So it totally dies. I then grab my roommate's hairdryer and hers is broken! Two hairdryers in one day! Gone! Dead!

When I arrived at work that morning, a rub on tattoo of a hairdryer was randomly left on my desk. No one knows where it came from... WEIRD. Right?

Pretty sure it's coincidental.

Thursday, April 9

Water Passion, Baby!

So it's been a little bit since my last post... and I am so sorry. I know that some of you even have my blog as your homepage, and you were getting a bit tired of my nerd post. So sorry.

Here's what I've been up to:

The University of Utah Singers and A Cappella Choir know you're interested in unique and exciting performances. With you in mind we continue presenting Choral Masterworks, and this year we've got something amazing to share with you.

Tan Dun's "Water Passion: After St. Matthew" is an "astonishing piece conceptually" (Times, London)..."a work of captivating visual music and sound meticulously disposed in space" (Newsday, New York).

Based on the passion story in the New Testament's St. Matthew, the "Water Passion" is an exciting and unexpected piece of music, challenging the senses and sensibilities. On Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th at 7:30 PM in Libby Gardner Hall, you have the chance to experience a dimension of music performance unlike anything you've seen or heard before.
Creating a unique shared cultural experience, performers and audience members will experience a remarkably wide range of vocal style, from four-part chorales, to overtone singing, Tuven-throat singing and elements of Peking opera. Western instruments are used to produce sounds of Chinese, Mongolian, and Middle Eastern cultures. On stage will be seventeen filled, transparent water basins lit from below and played as instruments, thus creating a unique auditory and visual experience, all based around the universal theme of rebirth.

Featuring the University of Utah Singers and A Cappella Choir, Alisa Thomason, Soprano; Gary Sorenson, Baritone; Leslie Henrie, Violin; Amy Leung, Cello; Michael Lipsey, Percussion; Yuanlin Chen, Electronic Sampler; and Brady Allred, Conductor.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see this work performed live. And at $7.50 for adults and $3.50 for students, you can afford to bring a friend.

Tickets are available at the Kingsbury Hall box office or at 801-581-7100.
Please come if you can... we've been working super hard on it and it's going to be freaking sweet! We've started rehearsing with all of the water percussion people, and it's so rad! Seriously!

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