Tuesday, May 31

Hipster Playlist

Thanks to DP for sending me this amazing vid done by the Harvard Sailing Team. I've posted stuff from them before, and this vid is equally as funny. I love a good hipster parody. This really happens, though. And it's one thing I cannot stand - one upping and someone thinking they were the first to discover something. But, I'd be hypocritical if I didn't admit to sometimes being guilty of this. Let me be the very first of all of you, I'm sure, to say, I'm sorry.

Thursday, May 26


(no... not that Twilight. Get yo mind outta the gutter. Gross.)

I'm talking about this:

The 2011 Twilight Concert Series was announced today!

I'm so stoked!!!!! (even though it will still be at lame-o Pioneer Park) It's a freakin' amazing line-up. It's going to be a good summer.

Here's the schedule:

  • July 14th  Explosions in the Sky / No Age
  • July 21st  The Decemberists / Typhoon
  • July 28th  Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros / TBD
  • August 4th Thurston Moore / Kurt Vile
  • August 11th  Bright Eyes / TBD
  • August 18th Ghostland Observatory / TBD
  • August 25th Lupe Fiasco / TBD

I'm a Pan Man

...that would have been a better title for this guy's online dating page, am I right??

Recognize this little guy and/or want to date him? Well, now's your chance.

Wednesday, May 25

Conan Can't Stop

You better believe I'll be sleeping out for this one.

Tuesday, May 24

Comedy Banter with Bert

Check out this interview with Andy Samberg and Bert. Very riveting stuff, people. Don'tcha just want to kiss Andy on the lips? No? Just me? Fine then.

Monday, May 23

Aaaaaaaaand we're back

Oh, hi! I've been a little MIA. And you know why? I've been preparing for the end of the world, helloooooo?? Who has time for blogging when I've got living to do, am I right? So... sawry.

Speaking of the end of the world (rapture), apparently it was a no-show and Harold Camping is flabbergasted. Don't worry buddy, it's been a rough weekend for a lot of people. Better luck next time!

P.S. good thing someone made this amazing end of days mix for us to jam out to as we perish. I'd def dance to that.

Eclectic Method - The Apocamix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Friday, May 6

Cool Necklace

365 days of working out and this guy turns into ... someone else. I really like the frosted tips stage, even though it was a little premature.

Friends on Friday

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