Friday, July 29

Netflix Relief Fund

This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to white people.

p.s. What is with Jason's hair?? ew

What a Bro

This guy is sooooooooooo cool. That's dedication - finishing up your 165kg bench press reps in the midst of a bombing. NBD.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, July 28

Steve Carell's Big Head

He's so demanding! I love it.

***Update!! Thanks to Michelle, for looking up the Curly Sue reference. Good going, girl.

Wednesday, July 20

Chicky-Chicky Parm-Parm

I do not watch Parks and Recreation. I hear it's funny, but there's just not enough time for more TV. I did, however, see one episode and it was pretty funny.

My favorite clip from it is of Tom, listing all his slang terms for normal everyday things. Loved it.

Apparently, Trader Joe's loved it, too...

History of Rap Part 2

Oh my lanta. This made my day. JT and JF and the Roots are at it again with another history of rap. Last year's was pretty phenomenal and this one doesn't disappoint either. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 19

More Kid History

Remember my Kid History post? Well they have made more of them! The new ones have less of a story line, but they are still pretty funny. Here's my favorite new one:

Monday, July 18

Rad Mormons

My darling friend, Elise, posted this on her FB the other day... Introducing me to this magical couple. I am now obsessed with this woman's blog.

If I wasn't proof enough that Mormons are the bee's knees - these people are further evidence that it's true. Thievery?? That's funny stuff right there.

Friday, July 15

I feel icky inside

This Dutch scooter song video is really weirding me out! It all seems pretty important to this guy... you'd think his sexy wife would try and learn the chorus at least.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, July 14

Velcro Roofie Jogging

This is for real. And I get it. I totally get it.


Monday, July 11

Thursday, July 7

Bride Bash

A) How classy!
B) That's gonna bruise (something blue?).
C) The whole world saw up the bride's dress.
D) That groom don't care!

Wednesday, July 6

Sorry, but I had to

This is sad, funny, and true.


And this one is for Aaron...


Tuesday, July 5

Woof vs. Meow

I guess I'm a dog person...? I never knew.

via (go here for a bigger more readable version)
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