Friday, September 30

Wednesday, September 28


These people really know how to do it!

Tuesday, September 27

Wednesday, September 21

NOT Google Plus

I already joined. Last year.

Did you see the new Facebook feed update? Google+ better step it up.

Monday, September 19

B.R. Lee

Praise for "Memoirs from a Napkin" written by a master of our time: B.R. Lee

"Riveting!" - New York Kitty Times

"I couldn't put it down until I got to page 69." - Jama Featherstone, Poet

"This novel made me want to "do the pterodactyl". So I did." - Frank Sinatra, Gentleman

Anticipation for B.R. Lee's upcoming novel, "Why did you look at me when you said that?" due out June 9, 2012. "It's going to be an expression of who I truly am as a man. I'll delve into the best things about me and about my character and the journey I've taken in this "whole new world". I believe this novella, just like my personality and my hair, will be slick."

Tuesday, September 13

Moral of the Story

... Is that I should speed? To save millions? Ok I will.

Adorbz Old People

Oh my heck! They are so cuuuuuuuute.

Friday, September 9

It was me

Just kidding! I didn't steal anyone's iPhone 5. But if I had, you better believe I'd never tell. I can't wait any longer!! I'm getting impatient.

Back for the Future

But they don't lace up by themselves! Laaaame.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, September 8

Hey Girl

Belle don't give a shhhhhh

I am so sorry about the swears, but this is hilarious! 'Bonjour' from Beauty and the Beast as sung by the guy from the Honey Badger vid.

Tuesday, September 6

I just love Puppy Pictures!!!

Winds of CHANGE and winds of ANGER!!

Can we please just talk about how amazing the Harvard Sailing Team is? I seriously am in love with this video. Check out the bonus footage - it's pretty great, too.

Thursday, September 1

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