Monday, December 19

Christmas Duets

This is my new favorite Christmas album. I'm obsessed.

Tuesday, December 13

Men and Women Can't be Friends

Nuh uh! (That's all I can say in defense of my boy friends.)

Monday, December 12

J Biebs is my stalker

Weird that J Biebs is more obsessed with me than I am with him! Check out his love confessional to me.... It's just too bad that I have moral issues with cradle robbing. Dang those morals!

Most Offensive Picture in the World

My eyes have melted clean outta my skull.

Wednesday, November 16

Vine Love

This is so darling!

Marcel the Shell 2

Cuuuuuuute! Why do I love this? I still like the first one better, but still, this is pretty darn cute.

Tuesday, November 15


Cat videos are taking over the world. Either you're in or you're out.

Ellen in Twilight

Ummmmm this is hilarious. I wish Ellen was in the movie, geez.

Monday, November 14

Hunger Games

The trailer is finally out! It looks pretty cool. What is with Lenny Kravitz...? Super random.

I do

Here's my future husband. He's everything I've been looking for. We're engaged.

Your Future Husband

Thursday, November 10

Wednesday, November 9

She poops at parties

Thanks to my buddy, James, for sharing this awesome vid with me. Dis serious.

Monday, November 7

Dishwasher Dancing

This kid dances just like my baby brother, Aaron! It's uncanny.

All for love #sting

I don't know why, but it seems that everywhere I turn lately, I can't seem to get away from The 3 Musketeers. Have you seen the new movie? Terrible. To wash the bad taste from my mouth, I watched the old version - you know - the one with Jack Bauer. I was reminded why it's so much cooler than the new one: it had a music video/song made just for it! The best part about it? Sting. Yep. STING. Babe-a-lish.

Best parts of the video?
  • Rod Stewart is gross. Always has been, always will be.
  • I think Bryan and Rod have a man-crush on each other. What's with all the touching?
  • What is with the dinner scene with the wenches and the wine?? Awkward. 
    • Sting's general attitude - his disdain for the whole situation. A paycheck is a paycheck, right? Watch for the part (at about 4:05) where Bryan Adams gets totally denied by Sting. He's so freakin' cool.

    Tuesday, October 18

    Friday, October 14

    Thursday, October 13

    Avengers Trailer

    Ummmm please watch this and witness how beautiful Thor's hair is going to be in this movie. Can someone explain to me why Thor doesn't just blow all the other 'avengers' out of the water? He's a god. They are humans. What am I missing here?

    Tuesday, October 11

    Cold Coffee

    ...Derek Zoolander's new signature look!

    Oh my goodness, Derek Zoolander is back (a little older and a little cheekier). Apparently, he and Stefon are old pals. Love this!

    p.s. Haunted Synagogue?? Whaaat? That's funny stuff.

    Saturday, October 8

    People Person

    This new Toyota Prius commercial is so disturbing. I'm going to have nightmares about giant people made of people for sure.

    Friday, October 7

    Is it just me

    Or do Amanda Knox and Tom Cruise look eerily similar? Maybe it's just me. #doppleganger

    Brad Pitt Cute

    How did they get this video of me? I've been articulate about boys from a young age, I guess.

    Friends on Friday

    Thursday, October 6

    Mitch Hedberg loves Uniball

    This is amazing. Mitch Hedberg is one of my all time favorite comedians. What a stud.

    Inspiration from Steve Jobs

    Check out this awesome vid of Steve giving a commencement speech at Stanford.

    Friday, September 30

    Wednesday, September 28


    These people really know how to do it!

    Tuesday, September 27

    Wednesday, September 21

    NOT Google Plus

    I already joined. Last year.

    Did you see the new Facebook feed update? Google+ better step it up.

    Monday, September 19

    B.R. Lee

    Praise for "Memoirs from a Napkin" written by a master of our time: B.R. Lee

    "Riveting!" - New York Kitty Times

    "I couldn't put it down until I got to page 69." - Jama Featherstone, Poet

    "This novel made me want to "do the pterodactyl". So I did." - Frank Sinatra, Gentleman

    Anticipation for B.R. Lee's upcoming novel, "Why did you look at me when you said that?" due out June 9, 2012. "It's going to be an expression of who I truly am as a man. I'll delve into the best things about me and about my character and the journey I've taken in this "whole new world". I believe this novella, just like my personality and my hair, will be slick."

    Tuesday, September 13

    Moral of the Story

    ... Is that I should speed? To save millions? Ok I will.

    Adorbz Old People

    Oh my heck! They are so cuuuuuuuute.

    Friday, September 9

    It was me

    Just kidding! I didn't steal anyone's iPhone 5. But if I had, you better believe I'd never tell. I can't wait any longer!! I'm getting impatient.

    Back for the Future

    But they don't lace up by themselves! Laaaame.

    Friends on Friday

    Thursday, September 8

    Hey Girl

    Belle don't give a shhhhhh

    I am so sorry about the swears, but this is hilarious! 'Bonjour' from Beauty and the Beast as sung by the guy from the Honey Badger vid.

    Tuesday, September 6

    I just love Puppy Pictures!!!

    Winds of CHANGE and winds of ANGER!!

    Can we please just talk about how amazing the Harvard Sailing Team is? I seriously am in love with this video. Check out the bonus footage - it's pretty great, too.

    Thursday, September 1

    Wednesday, August 31

    Candy Andy

    My buddy, Andy, blogged this funny pic today. Head over to his place and enjoy his funny comments.

    The Employment

    Work work work. This is an eery vid with humans in the place of everyday objects.


    Tuesday, August 30

    How to Focus

    This is helpful! I need to make this my desktop background.

    Click here for larger version | via

    Screen Shots

    Sometimes, things happen on my computer screen that are so rad or so weird, that I just have to share...

    Are you on Spotify? Yeah, don't even worry about it.
    My buddy, JBiebs invited me about a month ago. NBD.

    This is JBiebs at the VMA's... nervous much? Darling.


    You know on gmail: the bottom banner where the intrusive subject appropriate ads show up? 
    This line appeared. WTH? 


    I was on Facebook and since I am LDS, I definitely want to hear about the latest and greatest LDS artifacts! Super cool. I bought 3 of them.


    Another Facebook sidebar ad cluster - so appropriate to who I am and what I care about.


    Oh my goodness! I was so excited to get this friend request. 


    Oh, you need an engagement ring? Well guess what? Costco is your friend in the ring biz. 
    Only 1 mil! What a deal. (Thanks, Ty Ty!)


    Not many of you can appreciate this last one because you might not know the boy, 
    but my-oh-my I love when missionaries are creepin' on gchat. 

    Monday, August 29

    Sneak Peek My Eye

    Did you see the Hunger Games Movie sneak peek on the VMA's last night? Neither did I. But I did look up the trailer first thing this morning only to be disappointed. LAAAAAAAME. I want more!

    Friday, August 26

    Wednesday, August 24

    Creeeeper Kitties

    Speaking of kitties...

    Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

    Feline Couture! 

    Needless to say, this freaks me out.

    Air Swimmers

    Ummmm this is rad! Imma need it. I want one just so I can fly it around the neighborhood and scare kitties. Yep. That's all I'd do.

    Tuesday, August 23

    Mason's Bitter Heart

    Ohhhh my heart. I want to kiss him on the mouth. Well played, Mr. Jennings. This is the perfect song to kiss to.                          
                                So... let's?


    Crap QWOP

    I'm actually really impressed that this guy got as far as he did! I suuuuuck at QWOP!

    Saving face

    I really like his "saving" face. Bill Gates really knows how to live within his means.

    Monday, August 22

    Seize the Bad Romance

    Ummmm hello? This is amazing.


    Potty Mouth

    I've probably watched the clip of Anderson Cooper laughing like 6x in a row now. Love him and his cute little giggles.


    Sunday, August 21

    Oh hey

    I'm back. I like to stop blogging for a bit to see how many of you actually care. Ultimately, it's all about my ego. Well, I've had enough pestering from you little dears, that I decided to come back to you in full force! I honestly have been blind to anything pop culture or media or news for the last 3 weeks, so if there's stuff that I post that is old news to you, humor me, alright? Yay!

    I don't generally blog personal stuff (because who cares and boooooooring), but we had a death in the family and I decided to take a little time off. Ok with you? Good.

    Love you forever, Gabriel Randolph Hanson, you little turd. I miss you.

    4/8/96 - 7/30/11

    Friday, July 29

    Netflix Relief Fund

    This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to white people.

    p.s. What is with Jason's hair?? ew

    What a Bro

    This guy is sooooooooooo cool. That's dedication - finishing up your 165kg bench press reps in the midst of a bombing. NBD.

    Friends on Friday

    Thursday, July 28

    Steve Carell's Big Head

    He's so demanding! I love it.

    ***Update!! Thanks to Michelle, for looking up the Curly Sue reference. Good going, girl.

    Wednesday, July 20

    Chicky-Chicky Parm-Parm

    I do not watch Parks and Recreation. I hear it's funny, but there's just not enough time for more TV. I did, however, see one episode and it was pretty funny.

    My favorite clip from it is of Tom, listing all his slang terms for normal everyday things. Loved it.

    Apparently, Trader Joe's loved it, too...

    History of Rap Part 2

    Oh my lanta. This made my day. JT and JF and the Roots are at it again with another history of rap. Last year's was pretty phenomenal and this one doesn't disappoint either. Enjoy.

    Tuesday, July 19

    More Kid History

    Remember my Kid History post? Well they have made more of them! The new ones have less of a story line, but they are still pretty funny. Here's my favorite new one:

    Monday, July 18

    Rad Mormons

    My darling friend, Elise, posted this on her FB the other day... Introducing me to this magical couple. I am now obsessed with this woman's blog.

    If I wasn't proof enough that Mormons are the bee's knees - these people are further evidence that it's true. Thievery?? That's funny stuff right there.

    Friday, July 15

    I feel icky inside

    This Dutch scooter song video is really weirding me out! It all seems pretty important to this guy... you'd think his sexy wife would try and learn the chorus at least.

    Friends on Friday

    Thursday, July 14

    Velcro Roofie Jogging

    This is for real. And I get it. I totally get it.


    Monday, July 11

    Thursday, July 7

    Bride Bash

    A) How classy!
    B) That's gonna bruise (something blue?).
    C) The whole world saw up the bride's dress.
    D) That groom don't care!

    Wednesday, July 6

    Sorry, but I had to

    This is sad, funny, and true.


    And this one is for Aaron...

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