Sunday, August 21

Oh hey

I'm back. I like to stop blogging for a bit to see how many of you actually care. Ultimately, it's all about my ego. Well, I've had enough pestering from you little dears, that I decided to come back to you in full force! I honestly have been blind to anything pop culture or media or news for the last 3 weeks, so if there's stuff that I post that is old news to you, humor me, alright? Yay!

I don't generally blog personal stuff (because who cares and boooooooring), but we had a death in the family and I decided to take a little time off. Ok with you? Good.

Love you forever, Gabriel Randolph Hanson, you little turd. I miss you.

4/8/96 - 7/30/11


The Whitney's said...

Love Gabe, love you! I'm glad you are back to blogging. I've missed my friends on Friday!

Jenni Stokes said...

That tie is awe-some. Oh, and I adore you. So start blogging again. Thanks.

Shawn and Mary said...

sorry for the loss my friend.

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