Tuesday, August 30

Screen Shots

Sometimes, things happen on my computer screen that are so rad or so weird, that I just have to share...

Are you on Spotify? Yeah, don't even worry about it.
My buddy, JBiebs invited me about a month ago. NBD.

This is JBiebs at the VMA's... nervous much? Darling.


You know on gmail: the bottom banner where the intrusive subject appropriate ads show up? 
This line appeared. WTH? 


I was on Facebook and since I am LDS, I definitely want to hear about the latest and greatest LDS artifacts! Super cool. I bought 3 of them.


Another Facebook sidebar ad cluster - so appropriate to who I am and what I care about.


Oh my goodness! I was so excited to get this friend request. 


Oh, you need an engagement ring? Well guess what? Costco is your friend in the ring biz. 
Only 1 mil! What a deal. (Thanks, Ty Ty!)


Not many of you can appreciate this last one because you might not know the boy, 
but my-oh-my I love when missionaries are creepin' on gchat. 


Sophie said...

Bwahahaha, Kaycee. Also, way creepy zombie Christian lady. Just sayin'. And I love that Brother Joseph is now bi-lingual.

Bee said...

You got an invite from Justin Bieber. I got an invite from loverkate.


K. Diane said...

Haha, this is so great. I get those inane sidebar ads too. They are *always* telling me that I need to meet single men. Really? Oh, thanks, FB. You are so helpful!

tybunnell said...

I am happy.

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