Thursday, March 31

Einstein vs Hawking

... A brief history of pain!

Oh ho ho hoooo! I had to watch this 3x over to fully appreciate the amazingness of it. Gosh, Einstein was a JERK!! Who knew? P.S. Hawking loves Angry Birds.

Wednesday, March 30

Britney poop

Jenni, this is for you... In honor of "Doing Britney Proud Week".

Bizarre Bonnet

Can you imagine if I had super-glued my Lady Gaga hair bow to my head last Halloween? That would have been so rad.

Lost in a Tweet

Show creator tells the story of Lost in one tweet. I dig it.

Teehee hee

I like this commercial a lot. It's adorbz.

p.s. I had skittles for the first time in years over the weekend. I think I just got turned off of them back in Jr. High, when that's what all the cool kids who couldn't afford chic-fil-a had for lunch. Mmmmmm speaking of chic-fil-a... who wants to go this week? Wow... This post was all about junky food. I guess you all now know what I think about most of the day. Sawry.

Friday, March 25

Kiss Kid

Yep, 3 vids in a row about little kids. Get over it!! Children are the future. Especially my kids (hi future squishy babies I loooooooooooooooooove you). And definitely this kid.

Ain't Gonna Pee Pee

Song of the day!! This kid and his traveling musical Irish-German family really know how to entertain. Forget the Brady Bunch, sheesh.

Friends on Friday

Wednesday, March 23

Mom Scares Baby

I'm sorry if you've already seen this, but Imma LOVIN' this little baby. So cute and hilar.

Tuesday, March 22

Yella Crayons

Oh my lanta! This was my favorite episode. What a blessed man and what awesome background music to this crayon vid. Oh, the memories.

Friday, March 18

Very Mary-Kate

Ummmmmm why is this so funny to me today? Thank you to Jenni for sending it to me and also

Thank you to everyone who voted for Katie Gaga!! I don't think I'll win, but I really appreciate your support. Maybe someday (today), all of you people who like my blog - will go to the right side of this post and press "Follow". I would just love that.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, March 17

Happy St. P


I am now going to refer you to last year's post which can never be topped in leprechaun amazingness.

Katie GaGa

Soooooooooooo I entered a contest. A Lady GaGa look-alike contest. The winner gets 2 tickets to her concert on Saturday and some other crap, too. I kinda want to win... so I need your help. Yes, I'm abusing my blog to get gain. So sue me. Then go vote for me. Rate me a 10, please. Rate me a 10 because I actually look like GaGa without even dressing up. It's a hard burden to bare and I should at least get to go to her concert free of charge, no? Also, rate me a 10 because I'm being modest. Thank you, that is all.

Wednesday, March 16

Hipster Mario Indie Film

This movie is gonna be epic. Good thing I heard about it waaaaaaaaaaay before any of you.

Tuesday, March 15

Happy Bar Mitzvah

This kid is hardcore. I'm impressed he was able to get such little hotties for his back-up dancers. Oh, to be a rich, 13-year-old Jewish boy.

Monday, March 14

Zach on SNL

Here's my favorite vids from Zach Galifainakis hosting SNL last week. He is such a gem.

Oh, and a classic "Between Two Ferns" just because it's the best talk show in history. Love you Zach!

Friday, March 11

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

I can't handle how amazing this is!! Please please watch this and let it make your day like it's made mine. I would fall over if I saw this guy while I was munching down a taco at the local Bell. I'm in love with him!

Jon is a Troll? How rude.

Jon Cryer responds to hideous accusations made by his former co-star, Charlie.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, March 10

Baby Tornado

Check out this freaky vid of a tornado just starting up. Now that's some spooky behavior (Christopher Walken shout oooooout).

Wednesday, March 9

It's late, but you should watch this

Do you love The National like I do? Well, you should.

This vid with whatsherface from Flight of the Conchords and whatshisface from Mad Men is pretty spectacular.

The National

Tuesday, March 8

Snow day

Look how sad my baby car was all night - in a cocoon of snow. Thanks for your help this morn, Dad! You're the best.

Here are some lovely snow music videos for you to enjoy on this slushy day.

Have I told you

how much I love this girl? She is adorable. Totz adorbz. Good work, Will.

P.S. She should have totally had a cameo of Zenon in this vid. That would have rocked my world.

Friday, March 4

Picture Drop

Hey, I've been saving up some funny pictures and today is the day I'm going to unload them on you. Also, this is for you people who get after me for posting just videos all the time. Enjoy!

Friends on Friday

Yay for the 80's and yay for Chandler's mullet/rat tail.

Thursday, March 3


Yes yes yes, so current, I know. But seriously, Charlie Sheen is a train wreck that I cannot look away from. Thanks, Jimmy, for being so amazing.

Not Typical

Apparently I am not a typical person living in the world. But we all knew that. Do you qualify as typical? Here, let National Geographic school you some:

*****Sorry! National Geographic must be selfish with their vids.... How rude!*****

Wednesday, March 2

Sexy Feet

Thanks to Michelle for this video of Tom Hanks and his Sexy Baby, Sophie. I love this so much. And I love the surprise ending.

Tuesday, March 1

VHS Dating

I'm speechless after this gem of a video! These men can't be real. Where are they now? Who have they become? And most importantly, did they find a woman through this? I need to know.

Thanks to Matt, who I kifed this from.
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