Tuesday, October 18

Friday, October 14

Thursday, October 13

Avengers Trailer

Ummmm please watch this and witness how beautiful Thor's hair is going to be in this movie. Can someone explain to me why Thor doesn't just blow all the other 'avengers' out of the water? He's a god. They are humans. What am I missing here?

Tuesday, October 11

Cold Coffee

...Derek Zoolander's new signature look!

Oh my goodness, Derek Zoolander is back (a little older and a little cheekier). Apparently, he and Stefon are old pals. Love this!

p.s. Haunted Synagogue?? Whaaat? That's funny stuff.

Saturday, October 8

People Person

This new Toyota Prius commercial is so disturbing. I'm going to have nightmares about giant people made of people for sure.

Friday, October 7

Is it just me

Or do Amanda Knox and Tom Cruise look eerily similar? Maybe it's just me. #doppleganger

Brad Pitt Cute

How did they get this video of me? I've been articulate about boys from a young age, I guess.

Friends on Friday

Thursday, October 6

Mitch Hedberg loves Uniball

This is amazing. Mitch Hedberg is one of my all time favorite comedians. What a stud.

Inspiration from Steve Jobs

Check out this awesome vid of Steve giving a commencement speech at Stanford.

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