Monday, February 28

It was sort of boring

Did you watch the Oscars? It was a first for me - to sit down and actually watch the entire thing (well almost the entire thing. I have ADD I think.). Three things:

  • First, what in the world was the Justin Timberlake tracker about? Who cares? That was the most ridiculous idea ever. Whoever thought of that should be fired.

  • I love him (of course):

  • And loved this (of course):

Saturday, February 26

You can't disappoint a picture

Did you watch Community last week? Yeah, I just caught up and of course the week I miss is the week they have another golden storyline. Troy meets Levar Burton, and it is amazing. You don't have to have watched the show to understand how funny it is. Watch it. Please.

Friday, February 25

Yay for the weekend

And yay for Iron & Wine and their most recent Daytrotter Session. Love love love. Love. Go watch this video and let them lullaby you to sleep like a tiny baby. Yes, lullaby is a verb now. Spread the word.

Some dogs go to heaven

I'd like to dedicate this post to my brother's dog, Sam. Sam died this week and it was quite the sad event. Funny how we get so attached to these furry mammals. Goodbye, Sammy! We love you.

On that sad pet note, here is a funny sad pet video... enjoy!!

Friends on Friday

Thursday, February 24

Hipster How-To

I read this everyday to freshen up on my too-cool-for-school skillz. You should too.

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, February 23

Ohhhh dang

That is just too bad! Strangely, I'm hankering for a cinnabun now.

Friday, February 18

Find that Boogie Body... OK!

Thank you to Heather for this amazing amazing video. It made my day and it will make your weekend, I'm sure. Enjoy!

Friends on Friday

Wednesday, February 16

Grandma reads Conan's tweets

This is just too funny. My favorite tweet: Sleep Beiber, sleep. Conan, marry me.

Tuesday, February 15

What a good dad

This is what dads do when mom isn't home ... and I'm a big fan of this.

Monday, February 14

Thalt Lake Thity Craigslisp

 Really though, thith made my whole day. I'm never uthing the regular criagslist ever again.

I think this is my problem

(Thanks to Marcus for this hilarious vid.)

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

Friday, February 11

Friday I'm in Love

Hello, babies. Don't cry. I know. I haven't blogged all week and I'm sorry, ok? Please forgive me and take this awesome Friday post as consolation. Ok, are you ready? It's gonna be a doozy. Yes, I just said that.


New government building name controversy. I vote YES!

Little kids have a dance off. This warms my heart.

Pictures that are humorous:

Hipster Ariel.


Music video by the Black Keys that rocks my world. It's funny and risqué... fyi.

Oh cute:

Need a cute and easy valentine idea? Here it is.

Get your love on fb chatters.

Cool digs:

Did you know that Anthropologie is opening up a wedding shop on Monday?? I for one am very excited about this. Better start saving my pennies for someday, huh? Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Right?? I can't handle this.

TV that I like that's new and great:

Please please please please check out Portlandia. It's hilarious. It's a show of skits about funny things in Portland. This pic below is from one of my favorite skits about them finding a polygamist guy (who is a tiny bit abusive) and falling in love with him... Words cannot express how much I love this. Please tell me you'll watch it.

Honorable mention: Traffic Light. I randomly watched the pilot for this the other day... and I loved it. Watch it and tell me if I'm off base on this one.

Reader submissions:

Some of you send me funny vids to post... and I love it. Keep em' coming! Here are a few from the last little while.

Thanks, Ness! Totally hilar. I think it's the best Digital Short in a while.

Thanks, Auty! I am so so glad that whoever took this video thought to bring their camera skiing with them. Amazing!

Thanks, Cody! This little evolution is fascinating and horrible and amazing.


Well, I hope I have redeemed myself with this massive post. Enjoy your weekend!

Friends on Friday

Thursday, February 3

Good to know!

Great Britain? United Kingdom? England? Double-u-tee-eff?

Is it sad, that I really had no idea about any of this before watching this video? I feel so cultured now. But really though, pretty interesting.

Wednesday, February 2

Laugh Out Loud

Ok, this vid hit a little too close to home. I've got to keep my online life in check - and apparently so do you - because you're here. On my blog. Spending time with me digitally rather than your own sweet mother.

No shadow

Well, here you go:

Is it just me or is this just the silliest tradition ever? Why the costumes? Why the lame scrolls? Why the awkward humor and the awkward grown man cuddling of rodent in public? I'm just not convinced.

Here's what Groundhog Day really means to me: A funny movie that we've all watched 50 times as a kid on TBS. Maybe this was irony, but I felt like this show was on all the time. I love this scene - that's what I would do if I were him - become a concert pianist. And the little girl being pushed out the door in that outfit... I need that outfit!

Tuesday, February 1

Please, no

Really, people? Get over it already!

Also - this is a disgrace. Unfortunately, I think we all know a few people that would ace this class.

Local news

Hey, y'all down in Utah County - yeah, you! Did you witness this? If so, please report it to channel 4 ASAP (Taking action with UFO sightings 4 you).

Best 'Save the Date' of all time

For real? I'm so jealous of this! Garbage Pail Kids are my favorite. Apparently this engaged couple is friends with the illustrator, Brent Engstrom. Make me one!

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