Thursday, September 30


I just love mash-ups! These are pretty freakin' great.

Friday, September 24

We gonna party

...Like it's your birthday. Because guess what? It is.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Aaron Randolph!

What a darling boy, right?!? Aaron is my younger brother and he is just a gem. My whole life he has been my BFFLE (best friend for like ever). He is handsome, hilarious, hardworking and hip. He is a support in my life that I would hate to ever go without.

Aaron, I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. I love you!

Friends on Friday

Rachel, I see bits of myself in you.

Thursday, September 23

Bieber gets Angsty

Baby Criminal

Love this! It's weird when kids can move like that!

Happy Sweatshirt

Fall to me = sweatshirt time!

And I mean the crew neck sweatshirts. And usually mine are gray. Ok 90% of the time they are gray. Today I am wearing this little beauty:

Yes, it has poodles on it. I love it so.

I need this one from JCrew...... I need it.

Sequins and sweatshirtness.... What could be better?

Wednesday, September 22

More from my Honey

Man oh man! He likes mayo almost as much as I do AND he loves chicken mcnuggets!! (I ate 50 on a dare the other day. I'm not even lying. My body is still mad at me. Don't dare me to do stuff. Because I will do it.) Conan and I really are a match made in heaven. If I could wake up to that man, that beard, and that sandwich every morning... I'd be a very happy girl.

Oh wait.... here's a quick fix for my Conan needs.

Tuesday, September 21

I gotta I gotta

This movie is so great! I think it's right up there in amazingness with Mean Girls. Why do I love teen movies so much? They thrill me... and it's quite sad, really. The following scene is about this girl's boring weekend and it's pure gold:

Monday, September 20

Friday, September 17


All thanks be to Aaron for this really awesome vid! I watched it like 3 times and then decided that you might love it, too.

Friends on Friday

Joey... so gross and so hot.

Thursday, September 16

You had me at "sugar-charged"

They need to start making these again. Are these the same as Frosted Cheerios? I like this marketing strategy a tiny bit more...

For more fun items our grandparents enjoyed, check this out.

Choose the right

No lie - I found this little gem posted on the CTR Facebook page:

Wednesday, September 15


I love everything about this. Even the weirdo poof on the side of the bride's head - I'm totally fine with it!

Tuesday, September 14

Hue IQ

I loved this little test! I got a 12! I don't know how good that is. It says I can't see blues very well dangit. What was your score? Tell me!

Monday, September 13

Childhood Crush

Kurt Cobain is one of my childhood loves... (Do a select few of you remember me sneaking illegal pictures in front of the Nirvana angels at the Music Experience Museum back when we were in hikes school? Does anyone have a copy of that picture? I'd love to see it.) Well, just like me, Kurt loves kitties. How great is this photo?

Friday, September 10

Can we please have another 3 day weekend?

I need one. Today is my last day at my current job.............. it's a good day. Change is weird, you know that? I find that I don't do too well with change be it self inflicted or not. Proof - my face is breaking out like a kid with chicken pox.

Cooking and my love of Mac combined into one. Love how the apple is cut in half.

This vid from MGMT is pretty crazy weird... and I love it.

The back window on my car was dirty the other day, and I wrote "I know" in the dirt. Wish I could have done this instead.

Stark County Treasurer candidate on crack.

Some awesome pics that aren't doctored up.

Harrison Ford interviewed for Star Wars... He was such a babe!

Etsy rules! I want these and this and this and this.

I miss this show so much. I also miss the 90's so much.

Love this blog post about gradation flower/veggie arranging. So creative! I just love all the colors. Goodbye summer!

Have a good weekend! I'm excited for the new week. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh (yes that excited)

Impromptu Poetry

My dear friend Mike wrote this for me this morning and it made my day!

Friends on Friday

I'd like to instigate a new segment to my precious little blog... Friends on Friday! Are you excited? Well get excited because Friends is awesome. I'd never seen Friends until my roommates made me watch a few episodes a couple years ago and I couldn't stop! Friends is amazing. In honor of my love of Friends, we will have a special Friend post every Friday. You're welcome.

Thursday, September 9

Creeeeeper Part 2

Love or Hate

500 Days of Summer

I loved it. I love watching it with other people. The reactions I've seen have been interesting. Depending on the person's own experience with love and unrequited love... you get varying degrees of discomfort over Summer's character - love that. Also, I love the cinematography and narration of the whole thing. I love the soundtrack - especially since it includes The Smiths and Temper Trap. Basically, I loved it.

Wednesday, September 8

Story of my life

So long sweet Summer

It's time for Fall and I am so excited! You know the season is changing when you wake up in your warm cozy bed and do not want to get out because it's cold. It was a good summer, though, and I had some pretty descent tan days.

Loved this:

Tuesday, September 7

Video shout outs

This one is for Michelle in honor of our hip happening day at Lagoon yesterday. It was a great day full of rollercoasters, cheesy bean burritos, convertible weather, good ol' Dr. Pepper, me singing 'Teenage Dreams' over and over and over until it played on the radio, and JCrew lovin'.

This one is for Courtney and her crazy elementary school antics. Court, you're gonna get caught napping one of these days!

Hipster Dinosaur


Burrito Baby

Monday, September 6

I need a bunny

This (not so) little guy is so darn cute!

Horse Face

I dedicate this to Jess and Kayla. Don't you just wanna smack her? I do.

Friday, September 3

Happy Friday

Love this picture:

Here a some favorite vids of the week to send you off with for the (long) weekend:

A little mainstream Mindy for you. I just love her to pieces.

What a darling little chinchilla! The plan is for me to get a mini rabbit in the future... and this chinchilla is so cute it made me think twice about a rabbit. Depends on which one smells worse. I can't handle gross smells.

This vid is so sweet and sad.

And if you're really bored...

And you know who you are ... Play this game: Swarmation. It's addicting. Imma likin' it a lot.

I could watch this all day

...and I just might! It actually feels like I did because it's kind of a long video. But I loved it.

Ruth's Diner

As I mentioned before, I went to Ruth's Diner with some very lovely girls (and a couple handsome boys). Jess is so good at having her camera with her - check out her documentation of the evening. Thanks, Jess!

I would just like to add - during dinner, they had a live music playing. The group playing was Maggie Beers and Julie Marks (I personally think they need a better band name). They were a couple of older ladies and they were awesome! They had kind of a folksy/Indigo Girls type sound and did covers on a lot of great songs. As we were leaving, they were doing a rad cover of one of my favorite Flaming Lips songs! Looooved it. We met the band in the bathroom afterwards (I'm not sure they appreciated us bombarding them while they were trying to escape into their stalls haha), and they were so nice! Thanks Maggie and Julie, for serenading our lovely evening.

Wednesday, September 1

Marry Me Conan

I just love him so much! We might as well get married.

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