Friday, September 10

Can we please have another 3 day weekend?

I need one. Today is my last day at my current job.............. it's a good day. Change is weird, you know that? I find that I don't do too well with change be it self inflicted or not. Proof - my face is breaking out like a kid with chicken pox.

Cooking and my love of Mac combined into one. Love how the apple is cut in half.

This vid from MGMT is pretty crazy weird... and I love it.

The back window on my car was dirty the other day, and I wrote "I know" in the dirt. Wish I could have done this instead.

Stark County Treasurer candidate on crack.

Some awesome pics that aren't doctored up.

Harrison Ford interviewed for Star Wars... He was such a babe!

Etsy rules! I want these and this and this and this.

I miss this show so much. I also miss the 90's so much.

Love this blog post about gradation flower/veggie arranging. So creative! I just love all the colors. Goodbye summer!

Have a good weekend! I'm excited for the new week. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh (yes that excited)

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