Friday, September 3

Ruth's Diner

As I mentioned before, I went to Ruth's Diner with some very lovely girls (and a couple handsome boys). Jess is so good at having her camera with her - check out her documentation of the evening. Thanks, Jess!

I would just like to add - during dinner, they had a live music playing. The group playing was Maggie Beers and Julie Marks (I personally think they need a better band name). They were a couple of older ladies and they were awesome! They had kind of a folksy/Indigo Girls type sound and did covers on a lot of great songs. As we were leaving, they were doing a rad cover of one of my favorite Flaming Lips songs! Looooved it. We met the band in the bathroom afterwards (I'm not sure they appreciated us bombarding them while they were trying to escape into their stalls haha), and they were so nice! Thanks Maggie and Julie, for serenading our lovely evening.

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