Wednesday, August 31

Candy Andy

My buddy, Andy, blogged this funny pic today. Head over to his place and enjoy his funny comments.

The Employment

Work work work. This is an eery vid with humans in the place of everyday objects.


Tuesday, August 30

How to Focus

This is helpful! I need to make this my desktop background.

Click here for larger version | via

Screen Shots

Sometimes, things happen on my computer screen that are so rad or so weird, that I just have to share...

Are you on Spotify? Yeah, don't even worry about it.
My buddy, JBiebs invited me about a month ago. NBD.

This is JBiebs at the VMA's... nervous much? Darling.


You know on gmail: the bottom banner where the intrusive subject appropriate ads show up? 
This line appeared. WTH? 


I was on Facebook and since I am LDS, I definitely want to hear about the latest and greatest LDS artifacts! Super cool. I bought 3 of them.


Another Facebook sidebar ad cluster - so appropriate to who I am and what I care about.


Oh my goodness! I was so excited to get this friend request. 


Oh, you need an engagement ring? Well guess what? Costco is your friend in the ring biz. 
Only 1 mil! What a deal. (Thanks, Ty Ty!)


Not many of you can appreciate this last one because you might not know the boy, 
but my-oh-my I love when missionaries are creepin' on gchat. 

Monday, August 29

Sneak Peek My Eye

Did you see the Hunger Games Movie sneak peek on the VMA's last night? Neither did I. But I did look up the trailer first thing this morning only to be disappointed. LAAAAAAAME. I want more!

Friday, August 26

Wednesday, August 24

Creeeeper Kitties

Speaking of kitties...

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

Feline Couture! 

Needless to say, this freaks me out.

Air Swimmers

Ummmm this is rad! Imma need it. I want one just so I can fly it around the neighborhood and scare kitties. Yep. That's all I'd do.

Tuesday, August 23

Mason's Bitter Heart

Ohhhh my heart. I want to kiss him on the mouth. Well played, Mr. Jennings. This is the perfect song to kiss to.                          
                            So... let's?



I'm actually really impressed that this guy got as far as he did! I suuuuuck at QWOP!

Saving face

I really like his "saving" face. Bill Gates really knows how to live within his means.

Monday, August 22

Seize the Bad Romance

Ummmm hello? This is amazing.


Potty Mouth

I've probably watched the clip of Anderson Cooper laughing like 6x in a row now. Love him and his cute little giggles.


Sunday, August 21

Oh hey

I'm back. I like to stop blogging for a bit to see how many of you actually care. Ultimately, it's all about my ego. Well, I've had enough pestering from you little dears, that I decided to come back to you in full force! I honestly have been blind to anything pop culture or media or news for the last 3 weeks, so if there's stuff that I post that is old news to you, humor me, alright? Yay!

I don't generally blog personal stuff (because who cares and boooooooring), but we had a death in the family and I decided to take a little time off. Ok with you? Good.

Love you forever, Gabriel Randolph Hanson, you little turd. I miss you.

4/8/96 - 7/30/11
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