Friday, February 11

Friday I'm in Love

Hello, babies. Don't cry. I know. I haven't blogged all week and I'm sorry, ok? Please forgive me and take this awesome Friday post as consolation. Ok, are you ready? It's gonna be a doozy. Yes, I just said that.


New government building name controversy. I vote YES!

Little kids have a dance off. This warms my heart.

Pictures that are humorous:

Hipster Ariel.


Music video by the Black Keys that rocks my world. It's funny and risqué... fyi.

Oh cute:

Need a cute and easy valentine idea? Here it is.

Get your love on fb chatters.

Cool digs:

Did you know that Anthropologie is opening up a wedding shop on Monday?? I for one am very excited about this. Better start saving my pennies for someday, huh? Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Right?? I can't handle this.

TV that I like that's new and great:

Please please please please check out Portlandia. It's hilarious. It's a show of skits about funny things in Portland. This pic below is from one of my favorite skits about them finding a polygamist guy (who is a tiny bit abusive) and falling in love with him... Words cannot express how much I love this. Please tell me you'll watch it.

Honorable mention: Traffic Light. I randomly watched the pilot for this the other day... and I loved it. Watch it and tell me if I'm off base on this one.

Reader submissions:

Some of you send me funny vids to post... and I love it. Keep em' coming! Here are a few from the last little while.

Thanks, Ness! Totally hilar. I think it's the best Digital Short in a while.

Thanks, Auty! I am so so glad that whoever took this video thought to bring their camera skiing with them. Amazing!

Thanks, Cody! This little evolution is fascinating and horrible and amazing.


Well, I hope I have redeemed myself with this massive post. Enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

Alli & Davin said...

OMG, that rope tow movie just made my week. However, I hate nicolas cage and seeing his face that many times in a row will most likely result in never ending nightmares.

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