Monday, May 23

Aaaaaaaaand we're back

Oh, hi! I've been a little MIA. And you know why? I've been preparing for the end of the world, helloooooo?? Who has time for blogging when I've got living to do, am I right? So... sawry.

Speaking of the end of the world (rapture), apparently it was a no-show and Harold Camping is flabbergasted. Don't worry buddy, it's been a rough weekend for a lot of people. Better luck next time!

P.S. good thing someone made this amazing end of days mix for us to jam out to as we perish. I'd def dance to that.

Eclectic Method - The Apocamix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


Robby Spratt said...

"People have been making rapture jokes like there's no tomorrow!"

Shawn and Mary said...

I've missed you. seriously. more importantly than any rapture mumbo-jumbo YOU ARE BACK! YAY!!!

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