Friday, November 12

What is happening??

I dedicate this post to my peeps at work - every time we have a situation or conversation in real life that weird, bizarre, awkward, or unbelievable, we say "What is happening??" in sort of a sing songy way. Sounds nerdy... and it is. But you'd be surprised how many times a day we are forced to question the validity of our workplace reality!

Today's videos definitely made me say "What is happening??".

Pooteen? Yum.

I don't even know...

Ohhhhh my lanta. This is funny.

Ok this one is funny and then weird and then just plain disturbing.


Leigh said...

um ... whhaaat IS HAPPening?

I'm AE Jones said...

Ohhh... my life is complete... this was so hilariously random! WHERE DID YOU FIND THESE VIDEOS!?

Leigh said...


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