Wednesday, November 3

Pretty Cool

Ok, so are you watching the new season of SNL? They have some new cast members and just like every year they try and convince me to love a new generation of people and just like every year - I fight it. I fight hard. For example, one of the new members is a girl named Vanessa Bayer. I know, right? Who the heck is that? I saw her face and knew that she was bad news. And where in the world is my girl Jenny Slate? She can't be fired and gone for forever can she? (Actually, if she has spare time now and wants to continue to make vids like these, I'm ok with it.) Apparently, I'm not good with change. Even dumb TV change that doesn't affect me in the slightest. Oh weeeeeeeeeell.

Anywho, my heart was set at ease after I saw her first starring role in this here skit. And let me tell you... She is amazing. Slightly annoying to the point that I would still smack her if I saw her, but there is some serious goodness here (making fun of Miley Cyrus automatically makes you awesome in my book):

Oh, and guess what I found? This is her in real life (IRL) on an On Demand dating thing. How precious is this?? I really am warming up to her.

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