Monday, November 15

Josh, you are a delight

Yay for Joshy's new album that released today - Illuminations. I'm eager to own it. As for this video... All I have to say is: WTFreak is going on? Is this funny or just dumb? I think my love for him clouds my judgment a little bit.


Josh talks about SLC, baby! Yeah, I was there. Yeah, I own the concert on DVD. Yeah, we can plan a night to watch it and pick out my screams amidst the crowd of adoring old ladies.

Josh in one of my most fav music vids with Ben Folds and Tim and Eric = I fell on the floor the first time I saw it. In love with this one. The awkwardness of it thrills me.

Josh and Michael Buble... I kind of want to smack MB and his kermit voice.

Josh in line for the bizzathroom. So dar.

And finally, Josh mixin' it up with my first love, Sting. Not gonna lie, this one makes my tiny heart race a little bit. p.s. Keith Lockhart from our very own Utah Symphony conducts! How cool is that?

I think I've just proven that I'm a music nerd on a whole different level. Whoops!

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Bee said...

My roommate cried when she heard his new CD. She cried.

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