Wednesday, October 13

Party for Two

Next weekend, my parents are going out of town. This was the convo:

Mom, "We're leaving for the weekend... NO PARTIES!"

This is funny because Aaron and I don't have parties. Ever. And when we do, we both are of the mindset that it has to be perfect and that's too much pressure and so we just don't. And funny that our mother, who knows that we are not generally the party throwing kind, felt she had to tell us this. I also find it funny that our mom would assume we were on a TV sitcom and that's the first thing kids do when mom and dad go out of town.

Later, Aaron and I were hanging out and I asked him if he was actually going to have a party while they were gone. He responded:

Aaron, "You know we are gonna have a party... A party for two."

Me, incredulous, "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

He then begins to sing the Shania Twain song all animatedly. He stops and seriously states,

"Shania always knows what to say."

I died laughing... classic, Aaron, truly classic.


Shan said...

This made my whole morning!

Jessica said...

let's have a party!!!

Kellie said...

That is classic; good call Aaron! PS. Is Shania's voice actually lower than Billy's? I'm pretty sure; nothing against sexy altos :)

Sarah loves it all said...

Oh my gosh, dumbest song ever. What is her hair? And Billy Currington has got to be the creepiest man ever.

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