Thursday, February 26

LOL at my love/hate texting relationship.

So I love texting. Especially with my iPhone. It is the best.

But then at the same time: I'm horrible at texting! I will get a text and I will be in the middle of something and I'll think to myself that I'll respond later, but then I never do. It's not that I don't want to respond, I just am so forgetful! So if you've ever been victim to my texting follies, I'm sorry. Are any of you the same way?

One thing I hate about texting is that boys think it's ok to ask you out over texting. How hard is it to actually dial my number, wait while it rings, and then leave a message? (Chances are I won't answer... I'm horrible at that, too. I always have stuff going on! I swear.) I feel like texting has just added another avenue for a guy to be a wuss. Don't get me wrong - if I'm actually dating you - you better text me! Random thoughtful texts are the best.

And lastly, I hate text lingo. Hate it. If I ever use it... slap me. Please. I enjoy correct spelling, correct grammar, and correct punctuation. I'm a texting snob, I guess.
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