Tuesday, February 17

SNOW! I'm the only one not sick of it, I think.

Are you sick of the snow yet? I feel like as soon as New Years is over, some magical thing in the air causes everyone to expect the snow to go away pretty quick-like. So every storm that we have thereafter is cause for grumpiness and allowed bad attitudes. Really? We're in Utah, folks! Get used to it! It's like every year, everyone forgets that a Utah winter does not end until about Mayish.

You know? I often times thank the heavens that I was born in Utah. Really, it's the perfect place for a girl like me! Besides the Fall being just amazing, the winter is SO RAD! Here is my reasoning for the awesomeness of winter:
  1. It is beautiful
  2. Christmas and MY birthday (reason enough, I know)

  3. Snow sports

  4. Layering up in sweaters and thermals

  5. Boots!! Hello?

  6. Wearing kick-A dress coats to church and such

  7. Being cold is a perfect excuse to cuddle

  8. Warm fires

  9. Cozy socks and quilts and blankets

  10. Hot chocolate

  11. Scarves

Please, try and tell me different on my list. I will fight you. And you know, I get it. Summer and Spring are great. I myself have plenty of reasons to want those to come sooner (swimming, boating, convertible, cute shorts and sandals...), but I'm a winter girl! I just love it!

Some other cold things I enjoy include: ice, ice water, frozen nuggets, frozen pizza... I guess these are edible things and totally off subject... sorry. Oh! Last Saturday, I went to a Bob Sledding time trial thing up at the Olympic Park in Park City - so fun! It was cold and snowy and windy and wonderful.

That's my friend, Bob, and me freezing our butts of and loving it. Not a very flattering picture, but you get the point: Gorgeous winter day.

This is a bobsledding team racing down the track. Yes, these photos are taken with my iPhone. It can do everything. It even made us hot chocolate later that day.

Lastly, if you know me well at all, you know that I cannot leave the house without my J.Crew Puffer Vest. I will be heartbroken when it's too warm to wear them.



Lee Cannon said...

I love winter too! It is our season. Petra's mom tells me that each of us have seasons that match our personalities and skin tones... You are definately a winter. YOu look good in everything, so I guess you are an all seasons kinda gal. I am an autumn, so she tells me...

Katelin said...

Hey, that's funny. She's probably talking about the color thing they did back in the 80's where they see what works with your undertones. My friend's family used to be way into that and they tested me and I am a Winter 1. It's funny for me to be in the winter category because I'm blonde. Mostly. Ha!

Teddy and Scotty said...

I'm with you girl! I know people are complaining all over the place! It's freakin' February still! I, like you, do love the warm weather to of course but am totally with you on all the pros of winter. Get out of Utah then peeps!

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