Wednesday, February 18


So today in my Book of Mormon class, my instructor, S. Michael Wilcox (LOVE him), said the funniest thing about dating. He said,

"I am convinced that "hanging out" was invented in hell."
Genius. He's right, I think.
Funny dating story for you: I went out with this boy knowing before hand that he only dated brunettes. While we were on our first date I brought it up:
Kate: So I just want to make you aware that you are on a date with a blonde. How do you feel about the fact that you are buying dinner for a girl there is no future with.
Boy: Oh, it's all good. I saw your roots, so we're fine.
No joke he said that! Just because my naturally darker blonde roots look so much darker compared with my added lighter blonde color... Sheesh!
So I'm on a third date with this same boy and he says:
Boy: Kate. I know that you're dating a lot. And I know that you know that I'm dating a lot, too. I just wanted to let you know that you're at the top of my list.
Kate: Ummmmm.... Ok. Thanks, I guess.
So funny. Needless to say, it was over by the fourth date.
p.s. to this post: I spellchecked it and it told me I spelled "blonde" wrong... Um, I've been spelling it that way for a long time now. Like, my whole lifetime. So of course I googled it, and found a yahoo answer that was kind of funny and I don't know if it's true. The person giving the answer said that you call women blonde and men blond. And it's now sometimes considered sexist to use the 'e' at the end. Weird.


Tricia said...

I find it amusing that it got to the third date! Wow - sounds like he was a winner :)

Katelin said...

Hey Tricia! He actually was a nice guy - just not for me. I guess I like the abuse...? Ha!

Robby Spratt said...

I think you told me this story one time. As I recall he was not at the top of your list. HA!

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