Monday, February 16

I didn't think anyone could hate I-80 more than I do...

...but I was wrong! Check this out:

I seriously laughed my butt right off when I was driving passed that the other day! Yeah, I-80! Take that! That'll show you for being extremely difficult to drive on... especially at night. Sheesh!

Then I wondered: who are these people and how drunk were they when they decided to do this? They had to have done it in the middle of the night as to not get caught. Come on people! Go get an education and get on with your lives already! I'm sure your baby mama would not approve of your actions right now!

So then I saw a commercial the other day for a story FOX13 did on the graffiti, and I'm so mad about it! Cleaning up the graffiti has cost Utah $20,000 in the last two weeks alone! Can you believe it?

So next time you see some punks repelling off the freeway walls to do a little tagging - call the stinking police!

1 comment:

Teddy and Scotty said...

Ah man that is crazy!!! What a great post Katester, along with all of them of course. I hate graffiti and think it is so dumb and so annoying and even more annoying that it's costing us a butt load of money! Sheesh is right!

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