Monday, February 23

Something that is buggin'...

Are you all aware of RC Willey's new campaign with Paige Davis? Is it just me or is she the most annoying person on the planet right now? Now, I remember from Trading Spaces that she was slightly freaky and perky - but was she really that bad? Maybe I just don't remember clearly... You know, even the billboards are annoying! Am I right? They are so cheesy! This ad campaign is not making me want to go out and buy anything from RC Willey (even if I had the money).

Don't get me wrong - I am a big fan of clever advertising, even if it's slightly weird and annoying. Remember those Quizno commercials with those little hamster things with human mouths that sang ("They have a pepper bar!") ? They were creepy and disturbing! But at the same time I found them hilarious! Everyone was talking about the Quizno commercials and in turn everyone was talking about Quizno's! Smart and creepy advertising!

Maybe RC Willey realizes that she is annoying and they're trying to do the same thing Quizno's did with the rats. They got me talking about it, so... they win?

I wish I could make some cash by being annoying! Paige is the real winner here.

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