Friday, February 20


I'm just going to be honest with you all: I LOVE LOST!! I've kinda had a busy week, so I just barely got to watch Wednesday's episode today. What is it about LOST that makes me crazy? I have never felt this way about a stinking TV show before! It's kind of sad how much I think about LOST. ***Insert blog reader's thoughts here: "Kate really needs a life. Or a boyfriend. Or less free time."***

Does anyone feel the same way? And who wants to watch it with me sometime? It seriously is my favorite to watch with other people and discuss theories during the commercials - NO talking during the show!! Lemme know, folks.

Here is my list of LOST concerns and tidbits:
  • Why is Jack so darn HOT? I feel like in this 5th season, he's getting less druggy and more on the ball and back to the take charge Jack that we all know and love. I sure do feel like he's my ideal. So if any of you find a man that has similar positive Jack qualities and you're married already so you can't have him... hook a girl up.
  • Jack's beard was totally hot in a homeless bum kind of way and I'm kind of sad it's gone. He better let the inner scruff out when he's back to the island. (I have a thing for beards, but that's a whole other future post.)
  • Why is Sawyer getting nicer? I love when he's mean and sarcastic.
  • When are they going to kill off Juliet? I'm over her.
  • What is Daniel going to do about Charlotte and Miles getting all sick? What does he know about it? And what was with that one opening scene a few episodes ago where he was under the Dharma Orchid station alone...
  • Kate needs to cool it. She is so randomly dramatic about stuff. Kate, you're gorgeous, but nuts. And figure out already if you love Jack or Sawyer. It's getting weird.
  • What's with Claire? I seriously think she has been brainwashed. Who up and leaves their baby? Weirdo. And where is Aaron? Did he need to go back to the island? What's the freaking deal? They better include that kid in future episodes. He is the cutest kid actor ever! I will have little towheaded boys like that. I will.
  • Is Charlie ever coming back? No? Ugh.
  • I love Hurley. He is so great. Just love him. I love that he bought all those plane tickets. And he knows beforehand that he's going to the island - did he pack anything special? A crate of food?
  • Sayeed is a babe. A torturing-mankilling-hitman babe.
  • Richard is rad. Hot and eternal. Is he wearing eyeliner? I don't care. Is he Jacob level or Ben level power-wise? I feel like he always has the answers.
  • And what's with that random 4-toed foot statue? Huh?

Ok, that's it for now. Please comment! Let me feel like I'm not alone and that I'm not a total nerd for blogging about a stupid TV show! Thanks, you're great.


Aaron said...

You are alone, and you are a total nerd. Love ya!

Teddy and Scotty said...

Holy cow I freakin love ya and you're cracking me up. GOOD THING I caught up on the latest YESTERDAY before I read all that, geez! Okay so you're weird for liking Jack's beard, he's TOTALLY hot without it. I like the scruff but definitely not the homeless beard ya bum! Who the heck is Richard? Is he the creepo that never ages? If so, he is NOT hot, he is FREAKY! Ugh! Okay so Wednesday night can we watch it together? I should be out of class on time. We need to chat about all this lost stuff. K bye

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