Friday, February 13

NEW PUPPY and some hot women music.

My family got a cute little poopface puppy last night. She is a beaut! She's a full bread Coton de tulear... kind of like a miniature sheep dog. She kind of looks and feels like a rabbit. So I love her.
So I thought I would share with you some awesome new or not so new music. I love women artists that are kind of chill and soulful. Here are 3 of my current favorites and a song suggestion from each so you can check them out. Tell me what you think!
  1. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals - my favorite song is 'Apologies'.
  2. Catherine Feeny - my favorite song is 'Hush Now'.
  3. Tina Dico - my favorite song is 'Count to Ten'.

1 comment:

Lee Cannon said...

Bella is the freakin' cutest puppy in the world! Good choice Bev!

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