Tuesday, January 13

Happy Birthday Britkey!

Just a quick little shout out to my big sister Brittany:


You are just such a great example to me! So thanks. A few gems my sister has taught me throughout the years:

1- How to moonwalk like a rockstar. Yes. That is one of my hidden talents. I am very proficient at it (I'm being completely serious on this one. Usually I try to be modest about the things I can do better than everyone else, but not this time.) And it's all thanks to Brittany.
2- A very healthy and natural appreciation for the one and only Sting. MMMMmm.
3- A love of all things Jane Austen. And pretty much anything that has to do with romance/comedy. Britt has the best taste in all of that.

Love you, Britt!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

youre a darling baby cute

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