Sunday, January 4

Happy New Year!

This year I celebrated with my friend Sophie Barth and her family. What a wonderful little week we had! I cannot wait for the day that I am a legitimate jet setter (it will come!!). We flew off to San Francisco and stayed in her parent's place located right off Fisherman's Wharf. What a sweet trip! Really, it was great. We ate out, went shopping, watched movies... So fun! We also went to a really cool museum, the de Young. They had an awesome exhibit on Yves Saint Laurent and his amazing couture dress and clothing collection. It was SWEET. I was in heaven. And then New Years on the Wharf was rad - with fireworks halfway visable through the foggy harbor... beautiful! Overall, a surprising lack of homosexuals, and I was a tad bit disappointed.

The girls standing in front of this randomly "famous" penguin statue looking cool and not at all nerdy. Check out the fog hiding the buildings behind us... spooky.

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