Thursday, May 28

Meet My Personal Trainer

So as I mentioned before, I am going on vacation here in a couple weeks and I need to get my body ready for some beach lovin'. As a music major, I have totally lost all habits of working out on a regular basis. I've got to practice! There's no time for a hot bod when you're singing your guts out... I know lame excuse.
Well, Aaron, my little brother, thought it was lame, too. So he took me to the gym and helped me with some rad moves that would help me trim up a bit. I got my butt kicked and we only worked my arms! I seriously can't even lift them today! I'm a wuss. But it's ok. I'll keep working. Goodbye Relief-Society-Arms!!!

Wednesday, May 27

Worthwhile Time Waster

I thought this was pretty cool - the 100 best movie lines in 200 seconds. Enjoy:

Tuesday, May 26


I don't link much to other blogs... maybe I should do that more. I love reading people's blogs. Especially the really funny ones. Today I'd like to share a blog with you that is beyond funny. I think you'd have to be Mormon to really appreciate it, but still, check it out: My Religious Blog: The substandard works of a Utah-Mormon. I seriously have been laughing out loud over it. It's incredible

Friday, May 22

I'm difficult. I am.

I am that person at a restaurant that makes my order so difficult, that I'm sure I've had a cook or a waiter or both spit in my food. Can I help it if I know what I like? I'm not picky, I'm particular. There's a big difference - 'picky' only has 2 syllables where as 'particular' has 4. Very different.

The other day, I went to lunch with my male BFFLE (best friend for like ever), Mikey P., to celebrate his departure for the summer to work as a ranch hand at a dude ranch (Really, Mike? Again, I ask why you're choosing to do this over hanging out with ME all summer? Who am I gonna go to Hires with and savor a juicy and delicious Reuben? Whose car am I gonna make fun of if not yours? Who is going to be the master drummer in our hit sensation Guitar Hero band 'BEV'? How am I going to hang out with your family and it not be weird? Van will make me sing for him - probably a song about his car, I just know it.) ANYWAY, so we go to lunch at Pei Wei. I like that place well enough, but this last year, they took my favorite dish off the menu: the Udon Noodle dish. It seriously was amazing, folks. So I order a different noodle dish that I really like, but I have to get it less spicy or else I'll get the heartburn. So I make all the changes and the sweet little Mexican woman taking my order is thoroughly frustrated with me. But I make sure to tell her again - please don't make it spicy! After eating 6 or 7 fortune cookies and drinking delicious water with orange slices, our food comes. And guess what? I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they doubled the spiciness of my dish. My mouth and throat were on fire! Then the lady that took our order came over to ask how it was. I told her it was way too friggin' spicy. Then she gave me this gem of wisdom that I will never ever forget:

"Suntines, when I et sunteen sbicy, I llike to hab a beeer. Bud nod too muhch - I will ghet da beeg belly."

Best moment of my life. (And who says I don't blog about you, Mikey? haha)

This is genius

My friend Holly posted this on her blog and I loved it so much that I had to steal it: It's the best wedding video ever! Enjoy.

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19

Some down-right SPECIAL things about me...

I prefer Costco Kirkland water to any other bottled water.

If I could bottle any smell and make it my own personal and signature perfume, it would be the smell of Barnes & Noble.

I love shoes more than breathing. As my brother, Aaron, would say to me: "Katie, you have more shoes than days left to live." My shoe fetish is a direct result of my mother's shoe fetish. She loves shoes more than her own life.

I love tomatoes. I could eat them all day. I am a tomato person.

I enjoy violent testosterone charged movies. You're welcome, Nate.

I would kill to have redheaded babies.

I have heartburn almost everyday.

I would love to live on Prince Edward Island.

I have never had a cold sore, but I always get cankers.

I'm semi-in-love with my cat, Atticus.

I love seeing semi trucks without a trailer on the freeway - they look so funny!

I'm obsessed with interior design magazines. I love to cut out my favorite chairs, colors, patterns, accessories, room combos.... what will I ever do with these random clippings? I don't know yet.

I love photo editing. I may take things a step further someday and take a photography class.

If I could sing like anyone... It would have to be a tie between the lead singer of The Cranberries, Dolores O'Riordan and Annie Lennox. I would make you call me Crannie Lennox.

I could play Bejewelled all day.

My all time favorite radio stations are KRCL 90.9 and Classical 89.1.

I love candy. I LOVE candy.

If I could, I would live in JCrewland where everyone is classy and stylish. I would drive around in my old-fashioned cars, play croquet, go boating with my super classy and super hot hubby on my own personal lake. Everyday.

I don't drink pop... not usually. I'll take a Fresca if you have it. And I do love ginger ale - it reminds me of being on an airplane, it reminds me of my dad, and also makes you burp like a freaking champion.

I prefer rainy days.

I sometimes get confused when asked to turn left or right while driving. So sue me. So much pressure!

My dream someday is to get my four front teeth all veneered up. (The front four are in a state of disrepair - I've chipped them up so badly throughout my life. But I've worked at dentist offices all my life and they have set me up pretty good until I have the $$$$$ for new teeth. Thank you, old bosses! I owe you!)

Some of my most favorite memories are having dance parties with just my little brother in his room. We are awesome.

I hate Celine Dion... I think she is a creeper. But her new album, Taking Chances... It simply rocks my world.

I could watch Masterpiece Theater Classics until I die. I love them. I love PBS.

If I had to, I could eat tuna fish sandwiches for the rest of my life.

I am a horrible pop singer. I really am. That is why I'll never ever do American Idol. If they ever have Opera Idol, I'm in.

My heart beats for Mason Jennings.

I have a loud/shrill voice on the phone (I'm told), sorry.

My middle name is Floy. For real. After my Grandma on my dad's side and my great grandma on my mom's side.

I'm pretty right winged politically. Of my own choice, thank you very much. I ain't ignorant.

I love my little car. With all of my heart.

I am 1/16 Cherokee Indian. For real.

I want to be Gwen Stefani. She rules.

I want at least 6-8 children. Husband? Are you out there?

I love wearing heals. To be stomping around at 6' or 6'1'' is exhilarating.

I hate dangley earrings on me. I think I look like a cross-dressing man with them on. It's a special day that I wear them.

I'm a mac girl.

I was born a blonde, and I will continue to be blonde... even if I have to fake it a little.

I love to read. Anything.

I love my family more than anything. More than shoes I think.

Friday, May 15

Ma Boys!

Did everyone see the 30 Rock finale last night? I almost had a full on heart attack when the Beastie Boys made a guest appearance!! Well, it was Ad-Rock and Mike D... I'm not sure why MCA wasn't there... oh how I love MCA and his grey-haired ways. Anyway, they were so great. What a treat. Thank you, 30 Rock... for being so awesome. (I love this picture of them, by the way. I love how they look so white punk even being a tad bit older and just chillin' on the streets of little old Park City, Utah.)

As I was looking for interesting Beastie Boys news today, I found this hilarious interview they did while on tour... I think. They don't answer any questions seriously at all. My favorite is when they start talking about George Washington's teeth and also what they have in common with 50Cent.
Also, I must post my favorite Beastie Boys music video. It really is hard to choose just one... they are genius when it comes to their videos.... But here it is.

Thursday, May 14

Hello RoboCop

Pretty sure that's what I look like right now. Just thought I'd whine a little bit about how I'll be made fun of for the rest of the day here at work. My life is so hard.

I just had an eye exam and they dilated my pupils. I left and put the super cool glasses on to protect my eyes, and for a second I thought I actually looked pretty cool. Don't they make regular sunglasses like this now for all the cool kids?

This is seriously what my pupils look like right now.

Hot Pants!

This post is dedicated to my sweet little big sister KRISTIN.
Happy Birthday, Woman!
Kristin, you are just such a rad lady. I look up to you so much! I want to be you when I grow up. You are so fun and so funny. I love being with you. You have always been there for me when I've needed you, so thank you. I love you!!

Some awesome things about Kristin: she is a great mom of six rad kids, she is a kick-butt gardener, she is an awesome wife, she is not ashamed to do weird things in public... which is hilarious, she is a great sister and always has awesome advice, she has great taste in music... Oh! And she loves Sting more than I do, which is saying something! One of my favorite experiences with Kristin is when we were at a Sting concert with her husband, Tyler, and our sister Brittany. She was 8 months pregnant and she was still game for sneaking backstage to try and meet Sting. I think we actually used the line that if they would let us backstage, she would name her child after Sting. Well, something we did must have worked... I think I became buddy buddy with the security guard... anyway, we got back to the band. It was sweet. Sting wasn't there, he had been snowboarding all day before the concert and was beat, so he was already in his bus. But even still it was a rad experience. We kind of just chilled with the band for a little while. It was sweet. I grabbed a Gatorade and Kristin grabbed a Perrier from the band's food table as a little Sting memorabilia.
I wanted to put up a couple pictures of Kristin, but I could not decide which ones... so I put them all on here. Enjoy:

Me and Kristin a few years ago.
Glamming it up for the photo booth.
With her friend back in the 80's... seriously rockin' that sweet hair and denim jacket.
At Halloween with her husband, Tyler. Yes, they are polygamists. Hilarious!!
Cheesin' it up.

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this sweet music video to Kristin. I love you, girl.

Wednesday, May 13

Oh, and check this out:

My cute friend Rachel has an store called Bebecha and she has the cutest stuff! Most of it is for baby, but she just recently added these cute earrings and I love them. I actually saw a friend wearing some last night at an institute class I went to and and they looked so cute I had to have them. Cute, huh? Go check out her store.

Water Passion Update

Remember when I performed the Tan Dun Water Passion with the University of Utah choirs? Well, it was weird and amazing and shocking and a tad bit scary at times. My family came and supported me (which was way awesome! Thanks, fam!), and they even stayed the entire time. I had friends in the choir whose families left halfway through because it was so weird and out there. BUT, it was incredible. On a musicality level it was very difficult and random. The piece was just written a few years ago and is very modern. Learning it was challenging, but it all seemed worth it when it was put together. The story of Christ's life is portrayed in such a literal and high emotion way with the Water Passion. I think people were a little off put at first, but by the 8th movement, we were all feeling it. I feel very lucky to have been part of it. Experience of a lifetime for sure. And we got some good reviews, too! Here is a clip of the first movement, Baptism. By the way, if you want to see me in the video - I'm in the loft area (the last last row) and I'm towards the center on the women's side. I'm the teeny tiny ant with blondo hair. Enjoy:

Monday, May 11

Feed Me

When I was little, one of my favorite books was a book about a "hungry thing" that came to this town with a sign around his neck that read "Feed Me" on it. He would go around to all the people in this town and hold up the sign and point to his mouth. The people would then throw food in it.

Do we sometimes feel like this was me these last couple semesters? Yeah.

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all the people in my life who took such good care of me while I was a literal starving student. My parents, my brothers and sisters, my dear friends, my co-workers... you are all so great!


Mom and dad: thanks for letting me raid your fridge, freezer and cupboards. "Grocery shopping" at home is the best! Oh how I love mini pizzas, egg rolls and chicken nuggets. Thank you for the Sunday dinner leftovers (stimulus packages) that lasted me well into the week. Oh, and thank you for the candy, Mom. Oh how I love candy! Dad, thanks for the lunch money.

Thank you to the LDS Institute of Religion Lunch Deli. Your creamy chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl for only $2.50 rocked my world. I seriously need to find the recipe to it... so good!

Thank you to all the guys at work for buying lunch or breakfast for me randomly. One day I came to work and they had bought a box of Cup Noodles and had stacked them in a pyramid on my desk. So funny. They also gave me a $50 gift card to Zupas. Uh, thank you! Sheesh, that will definitely come in handy.

Thank you to my brothers and sisters for paying for my food on many many occasions and for always looking out for me.

I can't forget to thank my dates this last year. I'm sorry it didn't work out between us, but just know that I got through one more meal (and if I was lucky, leftover lunch the next day... sorry!) because of you! Sorry you had to feed someone else's wife...

Thanks to my cute friends for letting me mooch off their food all the time. Thanks to the Barths for their amazing generosity, the Elders for the yummy heartburny meals (love ya Teds!), my roommates who are always willing to feed me...


Friday, May 8

Welcome to day ONE of summer...

Yes, it's official. I'm seriously done with finals and I am so happy about it. I seriously need a break... and one is on it's way! I'm going to CABO SAN LUCAS in June! Yes, I know. What about the stinkin' swine flu crap? Well, I'm hoping that all of that will be over with by the time my trip comes around. It's funny how much the media affects how people react to things. It honestly is not that big of deal! How many people have the regular flu right now? A ton. Yes, people are dying, but not at a crazy alarming rate. Look at this nifty website I found that confirms that going to Cabo is a GOOD IDEA. (Family, please look at this website and DO NOT cancel our flights!)

Here is Casa de Grande... The super sweet Villa we will be staying in.

Here is a view from the side balcony - there's a pool and a hot tub right outside the door of the room I'm staying in. Seriously, this place is magic.

This is the view from another balcony onto our sunbathing deck that sits above the open ocean. Yeeeah.

This is me in Cabo a couple years ago 4-wheelin' on the beach. Happy times.
****Clarification to this post: It was brought to my attention that this post seems a bit pretentious. And I am sorry. Let me make it very clear that my family has been invited to Cabo by some very very kind and gracious friends. We are very blessed and very lucky to have the opportunity to go anywhere, let alone Mexico. Our family doesn't travel much at all and so it is just the most amazing thing to be able to experience life outside of Utah even just once in a while. So thank you to the people that have made this trip possible. THANK YOU!!****

Monday, May 4

This day is for real.

I'm serious. That's what today is. A Star Wars holiday. How stinking nerdy is that? I think the pick of the day is kind of clever, but that's it. And yes, I seriously just did a blog post on this. Get over it.

Friday, May 1

I've always wanted to be Mormon!

My regular Mormon name was not Mormon-y enough, so I got a new one:

MeleKatherine Bridges
Don't you love it? I do. Go ahead, get one of your own.
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