Thursday, May 14

Hot Pants!

This post is dedicated to my sweet little big sister KRISTIN.
Happy Birthday, Woman!
Kristin, you are just such a rad lady. I look up to you so much! I want to be you when I grow up. You are so fun and so funny. I love being with you. You have always been there for me when I've needed you, so thank you. I love you!!

Some awesome things about Kristin: she is a great mom of six rad kids, she is a kick-butt gardener, she is an awesome wife, she is not ashamed to do weird things in public... which is hilarious, she is a great sister and always has awesome advice, she has great taste in music... Oh! And she loves Sting more than I do, which is saying something! One of my favorite experiences with Kristin is when we were at a Sting concert with her husband, Tyler, and our sister Brittany. She was 8 months pregnant and she was still game for sneaking backstage to try and meet Sting. I think we actually used the line that if they would let us backstage, she would name her child after Sting. Well, something we did must have worked... I think I became buddy buddy with the security guard... anyway, we got back to the band. It was sweet. Sting wasn't there, he had been snowboarding all day before the concert and was beat, so he was already in his bus. But even still it was a rad experience. We kind of just chilled with the band for a little while. It was sweet. I grabbed a Gatorade and Kristin grabbed a Perrier from the band's food table as a little Sting memorabilia.
I wanted to put up a couple pictures of Kristin, but I could not decide which ones... so I put them all on here. Enjoy:

Me and Kristin a few years ago.
Glamming it up for the photo booth.
With her friend back in the 80's... seriously rockin' that sweet hair and denim jacket.
At Halloween with her husband, Tyler. Yes, they are polygamists. Hilarious!!
Cheesin' it up.

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this sweet music video to Kristin. I love you, girl.

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