Friday, May 8

Welcome to day ONE of summer...

Yes, it's official. I'm seriously done with finals and I am so happy about it. I seriously need a break... and one is on it's way! I'm going to CABO SAN LUCAS in June! Yes, I know. What about the stinkin' swine flu crap? Well, I'm hoping that all of that will be over with by the time my trip comes around. It's funny how much the media affects how people react to things. It honestly is not that big of deal! How many people have the regular flu right now? A ton. Yes, people are dying, but not at a crazy alarming rate. Look at this nifty website I found that confirms that going to Cabo is a GOOD IDEA. (Family, please look at this website and DO NOT cancel our flights!)

Here is Casa de Grande... The super sweet Villa we will be staying in.

Here is a view from the side balcony - there's a pool and a hot tub right outside the door of the room I'm staying in. Seriously, this place is magic.

This is the view from another balcony onto our sunbathing deck that sits above the open ocean. Yeeeah.

This is me in Cabo a couple years ago 4-wheelin' on the beach. Happy times.
****Clarification to this post: It was brought to my attention that this post seems a bit pretentious. And I am sorry. Let me make it very clear that my family has been invited to Cabo by some very very kind and gracious friends. We are very blessed and very lucky to have the opportunity to go anywhere, let alone Mexico. Our family doesn't travel much at all and so it is just the most amazing thing to be able to experience life outside of Utah even just once in a while. So thank you to the people that have made this trip possible. THANK YOU!!****

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