Friday, May 15

Ma Boys!

Did everyone see the 30 Rock finale last night? I almost had a full on heart attack when the Beastie Boys made a guest appearance!! Well, it was Ad-Rock and Mike D... I'm not sure why MCA wasn't there... oh how I love MCA and his grey-haired ways. Anyway, they were so great. What a treat. Thank you, 30 Rock... for being so awesome. (I love this picture of them, by the way. I love how they look so white punk even being a tad bit older and just chillin' on the streets of little old Park City, Utah.)

As I was looking for interesting Beastie Boys news today, I found this hilarious interview they did while on tour... I think. They don't answer any questions seriously at all. My favorite is when they start talking about George Washington's teeth and also what they have in common with 50Cent.
Also, I must post my favorite Beastie Boys music video. It really is hard to choose just one... they are genius when it comes to their videos.... But here it is.


tybunnell said...

Your blog told me that i might like this other post from you blog. I love the Beastie Boys. I really liked the interview, especially the part where they were asked what the difference between them 20 years ago and today. I agree that they have a ton of great videos and sabotage could be the best. My favorite song of theirs though is easily gratitude. it is more punk rock then some of their stuff but i love it.

tybunnell said...

there is a B-Boys song on Just Dance 2. I played it with sophs, she beat me big time because I started singing more than dancing

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