Wednesday, May 13

Water Passion Update

Remember when I performed the Tan Dun Water Passion with the University of Utah choirs? Well, it was weird and amazing and shocking and a tad bit scary at times. My family came and supported me (which was way awesome! Thanks, fam!), and they even stayed the entire time. I had friends in the choir whose families left halfway through because it was so weird and out there. BUT, it was incredible. On a musicality level it was very difficult and random. The piece was just written a few years ago and is very modern. Learning it was challenging, but it all seemed worth it when it was put together. The story of Christ's life is portrayed in such a literal and high emotion way with the Water Passion. I think people were a little off put at first, but by the 8th movement, we were all feeling it. I feel very lucky to have been part of it. Experience of a lifetime for sure. And we got some good reviews, too! Here is a clip of the first movement, Baptism. By the way, if you want to see me in the video - I'm in the loft area (the last last row) and I'm towards the center on the women's side. I'm the teeny tiny ant with blondo hair. Enjoy:


Gabe and Abby said...

i will have you know that i just watched the whole thing... awesome! you are amazing, simply amazing. love your face

Aaron said...

When your conductor was talking about this style of music, didn't he say that these people wouldn't listen to other genres of the era because they felt it was demonic and evil? It's weird how they found classical music to be wicked compared to this kind of crazy stuff. Did he or did he not say something to that effect?

M:A:R:A said...

well I don't really know what its about... but it reminds me of like the Movie Gladiator... or like ancient times... and some type of sacrificing stuff is going on.... I dig it... perty cool

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