Thursday, May 28

Meet My Personal Trainer

So as I mentioned before, I am going on vacation here in a couple weeks and I need to get my body ready for some beach lovin'. As a music major, I have totally lost all habits of working out on a regular basis. I've got to practice! There's no time for a hot bod when you're singing your guts out... I know lame excuse.
Well, Aaron, my little brother, thought it was lame, too. So he took me to the gym and helped me with some rad moves that would help me trim up a bit. I got my butt kicked and we only worked my arms! I seriously can't even lift them today! I'm a wuss. But it's ok. I'll keep working. Goodbye Relief-Society-Arms!!!


Aaron said...

That's really my body.

Kellie said...

Oh Katie, I'm sure you have nothing to work on! But good for you for working out... and think of a sweet excuse for me would ya? hee hee :)

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