Tuesday, July 27

My crush of the week...

is on a redhead. Shocker! I love me the redheads, what can I say?

This week I'd like to highlight a new artist that I've been listening to - Active Child - which is the new project from choirboy-turned-indie pop musician Pat Grossi. I need him to need me.

A redhead that rocks the harp? Just my style! My favorite song is "When Your Love is Safe". I've heard 3 different versions of it so far and I love them all. The acoustic version is so beautiful:

Yesterday they just released the 80's pop version of this song for free download and it is so great!

He's coming in September... Who's in? Someone really needs to go with me if only to restrain me from jumping onstage and sitting in his lap as he strums his harp.

1 comment:

Robby Spratt said...

So...redheads huh? Awesome.

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