Tuesday, July 20

Isaiah Mustafa..... You win

Why do I love him? Is it his overtly manly ways? Is it because he is so sensitive to me and my needs? Is it because he is so nautical and all things nautical excite me? Maybe it's his lack of clothing? At any rate, I cannot get enough of him.

P.S. Watch some of these - genius. Oh, how I've always wanted a "Love-filled trust explosion" with a man. Someday soon, yeah?

Top 10 Funniest Old Spice Guy Responses [VIDEOS]


chelsea said...

Kate Kate Kate. Can I just tell you how funny your blog is? Every movie you put up is hilarious. And yes, 9 hours I still can't believe it either. I wish you could have seen Aaron's face, priceless.

Robby Spratt said...

Pretty much every guy I know has a man-crush on him as well. He really is the man that all men wish they could be.

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