Thursday, July 29

2 Side notes

As I was looking up pictures for Sophie's movie post - I came across this one and it made me so happy:

A) Because it's ironical
B) Because they are playing scrabble and I'm obsessed with scrabble on my iPhone. If you want to play with me I would love it! My user name is PrettyKate (also I must explain my user name: There is a favorite song of mine by INXS called 'Mediate'. The whole song is words that rhyme with 'mediate'. When I was little, I could have sworn he said 'Pretty Kate' and not 'pedicate'. That combined with the other part of the song where there is heavy breathing - made this song my favorite! By the way, I need to make a future post about songs that have creepy heavy breathing in them - I don't know why but I just love them. Anyway, it wasn't until we had the internet and I could look up the lyrics to that song and guess what?? I was right! Way cool.)
C) Because the other words in the raptor scrabble game are potty words!! Love it!


As I was writing up the last post, I was thinking of my own favorite olden time movie moments and one of my favorites as a kid was 'Drop Dead Fred'. Classic! The best part is when the girl comes out in her purple formal gown and Fred says, "You look like a big bruise!"

Also, as I was googling Drop Dead Fred... I found out that they are doing a remake of it in 2011!!! Heck yes! That is going to be phenomenal. They already have Russell Brand committed to play Fred. I love Russell Brand. Did you see him in Bedtime Stories? He is so yucky and so British... I can't help but be attracted to him.


Robby Spratt said...

Heavy breathing huh? You'll like this then...

p.s. I also thought that INXS song said "pretty Kate". Thanks for bursting my bubble!

Sophie said...

I'm laughing right now. Many a reason. Can we watch Drop Dead Fred together soon, please?

Aaron said...

Don't forget to include "In My Head" by Jason Derulo in your post about heavy breathing.

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