Thursday, July 22

Going to lunch... Enjoy this vid while I'm gone

I've probably listened this song 30 times in the last 3 days. I LOVE IT. I love a good song where I can just dance my party pants off. And the music vid is pretty freaking sweet, too. And is this guy totally hot or what? I didn't think he was the first 5 times I watched it, but then after the 6th time... I'm totally digging him. I love when you can hear people's accents when they sing! Maybe that's it. Or maybe it's because he's paired with this ridiculously beautiful woman... Does that make him hotter? When I have my own music video, I'm definitely casting Conan O'Brien as my love interest - because he is HOT. Definitely.

1 comment:

Robby Spratt said...

The guy in the video reminds me of the caveman in the Geiko commercials. It's probably his massive, crooked teeth. The song is pretty cool though.

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