Thursday, July 29

Meet Sophie

She's my guest blogger today! Isn't she just the cutest?

Funny thing is, is that Sophie is my guest blogger without knowing it! A little creepy and a little rude of me, but I got her to tell me some great stuff today. Don't hate me, Sophie dear.

Topic: Great movies from our childhood (probably enjoyed via VHS or TBS)

Here is Sophie's list of great movies and great quotes in no particular order:
  • Do you remember that first scene of Jurassic Park when the raptor eats those people and the Australian guy keeps screaming, "Shoot her! Shoot her!"? Honorable mention from same said movie: "Clever girl". 
  • I also really enjoy that scene from Independence Day where Will Smith punches the alien and says, "Welcome to Earf"
  • Goonies: "Hey you guysssss"
  • While You were Sleeping when the extra playing the paper delivery boy falls off his bike.
  • Kindergarten cop: "It's not a tumor". Or, even better, when all the kids are describing "Who is your daddy, and what does he do."
  • Back to the Future when the band member gets on the phone behind stage and has his manager listen to the brand new sound.
  • I like Tommy Lee's stand off with Harrison Ford in the run off tunnels right before Harry jumps into the river below in the Fugitive  
Thanks, Soph! She said she's going to check out her VHS collection and get back to me with even more gems. Can't wait!

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Kellie said...

So funny! I'm pretty sure I knew every one of those moments... classic :)

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