Wednesday, June 24

Mmmm chickie chickie!

I am so loving on the Cheesecake Factory's special menu right now. My favorite dish off of it is the Caramel Chicken. Really it's amazing. It is sweet and tangy and delicious. Along with the light and crispy breaded chicken and the amazing caramel sauce, it has mushrooms, carrots, beans, caramelized onions and sesame seeds served with rice.....

This is Soph lovin' on some of her rice. Cuuuute!

I prefer to get it with their yummy mashed potatoes. To DIE for, I swear it!

Please go or ask me to go ANYTIME and tell me what you think of it! That's the great thing about TCF is that not only do they have the best cheesecake, they also have great gourmet meals.

I think the best part of this particular trip to TCF, and I'm sure Sophie would agree... was the very good looking guy seated at the table next to us. He was my soul mate and I'm pretty sure that if I had enough guts to walk up to him that day... we would be married by now. Pretty sure.


Kaycee said...

I cant believe i was sitting next to you guys that whole time and you didnt even say hi

Nate said...

Why is Sophie not wearing her napkin around her neck like you, Katie?? That's just tacky. If they give you a nice cloth napkin at a restaurant, you're supposed to wear it around your neck, like when you eat lobster. Props go to you, Katie, for using proper table etiquette.

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