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I know, even just 20 hours later it's cliche to blog about Micheal Jackson's death... but I decided I'm going to do it anyway. When my children read this blog, they will know what my life was like when Michael Jackson died. Seriously, that's how big I think he is and will be. Our children will know him and his music. Maybe like how we know Elvis?? I don't know - Elvis got fat, weird and druggy towards the end just as Michael got all white, weird and touchy-feely towards the end. Remember when he was black and HOT? Like right before all the weirdness started? Can you imagine how freaking rad he would have been if his publicist nixed the whole transformation thing? Who knows, he might have been hot and alive right now... ??

Ok weird. Stop. My children may read this someday... WEIRD! Hey kiddies! You're cute!

Anywho - His music videos ARE my childhood. I love that some of them were mini movies where Michael is portrayed as a BAD-A. I love that he looks so creeperish and feminine while he's trying to proclaim his masculinity. An other random thing I remember when I think if MJ is the Simpson's fat white guy who thought he was MJ. Remember him? Loved him. Oh, and moonwalking IS my childhood. Full on.

Really, it is so weird that he is dead! Goodbye, Michael, you crazy Son-of-a-Gun. I cry at night because I never got to see you live in concert.

Here is a smattering of my favorite videos:

Michael Jackson - Bad (Full Version)
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Oh, sweet little Wesely Snipes.


I love that besides his ghost self, MJ plays the white guy... funny.

My friends in high school always talked about doing a remake of this - we had all the requirements: a boy that could dance like MJ and a Japanese girl. Done.

Michael Jackson - Beat It
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Did one of those guys look exactly like t pain? I love this one, well, because the Pilkingtons did a remake of it that was phenomenal - am I right, Mikey P? I think in their version, they filmed the fight scene behind the strip mall thing that is now the Winegar's parking lot. The closest thing to an actual alley in Bountiful... ha ha. If I could get a copy of it, I'll definitely post it for you. Oh, the Zoolander remix version of this song is great. Check that out if you can.

I am sorry... but this video is just amazing. Called out by James Brown himself. I mean come on!!!! To just step out of the crowd and bust it out like that? MJ is legendary. And Prince??? Carried up to the stage by some burly old white guy? AWESOME. I love that both MJ and Prince are all dressed up in their concert going best. In the end this thing turns out to be more of a Prince video, but cool that Michael was so famous and black at one time...

And this one because HE MOONWALKS LIKE A GOD. This is his debut of moon walking during Motown's 25th anniversary.

And of course... THRILLER! Because I personally believe that MJ is a FULL ON BABE in this video. If he had just stopped with the surgeries at this point... if only. And the special effects are great. Funny, the other day I was reading an article about the girl in this video - playboy centerfold Ola Ray - "Where is she now?" I guess now she's some 48 year old crack whore who is in the poor house. This surprises people because she was in one of the greatest music videos of all time. She said she saw no money except her one time paycheck. MJ kept all the royalties... and now he's dead. Go figure.

Ok, that's all. See ya, MJ.

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