Monday, June 15

Church Camp

This last weekend, despite an unfortunate run in with a leg tanner... I went camping with my singles ward up in Bryce Canyon. I totally forgot my camera. I know what you're thinking: How can I blog if I don't take pictures?? I know. I'm such a fool. Thank heavens for my good friends Kaycee and Bob. Bob took the shots with his super sweet camera and Kaycee blogged about the whole weekend and in my opinion did a very thorough job. Check it out! "Not in a Million Years". I believe he titled his blog post this because for real - we were at church camp wearing matching shirts. Not in a million years did we expect our lives to bring us to such an experience. Amazing.


Kaycee said...

Remember how you are doing the gangster rap pose/ fanning the burnt legs in this pic. My all time fav... there is a pic of you and i laughing way hard while you are gettin wit your pose. I will have to send it to you

Jessica said...

i think we should all wear the shirts again. the same day.

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