Wednesday, June 10


I seriously love this....This clip off of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon seriously made my week. It's kind of weird but kind of awesome and it takes me back to the good old days of quality Saturday morning TV viewing. Oh, how I wish they would do a Bayside Class Reunion!! I guess Jimmy has almost everyone but Screech and Kelly confirmed for it. Come on guys!


Gabe and Abby said...

THat was pretty much the best thing i have ever seen. made my day! Except I can't wait for the reunion... A.C. Baby!

Sarah said...

Oh my Kate! I found your blog! I didn't even know you were a blogger. I am SO gonna add you and read about you everyday. You have SUCH personality no wonder you have a cool blog. Love you and miss you!

Sarah said...

Oh and Zach Morris is the bomb!!

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