Thursday, April 7

We need to talk

So you know how much I love my readers (you)? I love you a lot. And I hope you enjoy this little blog I've been running. I do it for you.

Can I be frank? I need more from you. I need a little reciprocation so I can feel like this relationship we have is going somewhere... And I get it. I get that it's hard to 'follow' me. I've considered even bribing you with free stuff to get you to make yourselves known. But me and you are better than that. What we have is deeper than that.

So I've come up with a solution. Ready? Instead of publicly following me (or even commenting (I love any and all comments, btw. Keep on comin' on.)), all you have to do is give me feedback. How, you ask? You can do it in one of two ways: Rate my blog post by giving it 1-5 stars AND/OR check the box of how you felt about that specific post. It will look like this at the bottom of each post:

See how accommodating I am? You're lucky to have me.


Shawn and Mary said...

okay, so because i "follow" AND i'm making a comment, does that offically make me your favorite?... :)

tybunnell said...

I don't know how to follow and i clicked I'm scared, does that make me your least favorite. or does it possibely make me the worst one who actually does anything on your B-log. Either way I like your B-log and I like you

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