Tuesday, April 19

Bro Make-up Tutorial

I love this boyfriend! What a stud Omar is... to sit down and make a make-up vid with his cute girlfriend. That's love right there.

p.s. LOVE his sound effects!


Bee said...

This is one of my favorite things ever. Serrsly.

Today I had an extremely sweet granola bar and some chocolate milk for lunch. Someone told me, "What a healthy lunch you're having!" I felt cool, until I realized that it really wasn't that healthy of a lunch. Or lunch at all. More like a really unhealthy snack. The end.


I only told you all that because I don't see you on a regular basis. So I figured you needed some more Bonnie-ness in your life.

AE Jones said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS! I love his sound effects and the looks he gives the camera. Darling boy.

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